Who are the Contemporary Photographers Represented by Imitate Modern?

Allow us to introduce you to our collection of world-class contemporary photographers at the Imitate Modern. Our contemporary artists are a mix of new and emerging creators with well-established names in the contemporary art space. We are constantly evaluating our extensive portfolio of photographers to represent artists we believe collectors and art enthusiasts of Britain will resonate with and connect with enough to want to learn more about their craft or display a piece or two in their homes. 

Without further delay, here is a list of the photographers represented by Imitate Modern as of Autumn 2022. 

contemporary photographers

What is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary Art is our specialist subject area at the Imitate Modern. It refers to the art, including photography, of the current era of the late 20th century and early 21st century, in which we find ourselves today. 

Although it is uncommon for most galleries, we strive to offer a broad collection of artists who use different mediums and perspectives, including sculpting, painting, and printmaking. In this article, we will solely focus on the digital arts and examine the photographers we represent, but please head to our online gallery to view the full array of artists. 

All of the Current Photographers Represented by Imitate Modern

Cody Choi 

Cody Choi specialises in his stunning portraits of dances that showcase inspiring and captivating movements. And it was no accident that Choi started photographing dancers as he is not only a fantastic photographer but also a dancer and choreographer. His professional background in dance was illuminated during his time at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, as he was twice the recipient of the Jackie Chan Scholarship award. 

His photography work was another string to his creative bow, and he used his background in dance to capture the flight of dance and allow the viewers to be in the breath with the dancers. Choi aims to stop time with his impeccable timing in capturing the photographs. 

Nana Del Riego 

Nana del Riego is a Cuban-born artist who is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition for her work highlighting the female form. Having grown up in Havana, Cuba, her background allows her to put a unique perspective on her photography and digital art as she has seen the western world from a new angle. 

Read more about Nana Del Riego here

David Bailey 

Celebrity portrait photographer David Bailey has one of the longest digital art careers we have witnessed in the contemporary era. His work features A-list celebrities such as Twiggy and The Beatles. Bailey also received praise for his work from Queen Elizabeth II and has been published by none other than Taschen. 

Read more about David Bailey here.

Tyler Shields 

The much celebrated Tyler Shields is also part of the Imitate Modern family because of our love for his daring celebrity portrait photography. He has captured the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Kellen Lutz, and in addition, he has also partnered with brands such as Nike, Playboy and Harley Davidson. His style is edgy with a sense of danger, creating work like none you’ll have seen before. 

Read more about Tyler Shields here

Daniel Sachon 

Of course, as a London-based gallery, we had to represent the fantastic photographer and creative director Daniel Sachon. Sachon’s work uses his youth to capture nostalgic feelings of the 20th century while adding a touch of glamour. His work is timeless and effortless, making it a staple for any British family looking for a breathtaking piece for their home. 

Read more about Daniel Sachon here.

Mairi-Luise Tabbakh 

Erotic photographer Mairi-Luise Tabbakh is another first-class photographer who uses the female form as her main subject of focus for many of her pieces. Her work is easily recognisable for her black and white imagery, highlighting the natural softness of the female form alongside weapons and sharp objects. The juxtaposition of these objects with the gentle curves of the women in the photo enhances the femininity of the model and the danger of the props. 

Read more about Mairi-Luise Tabbakh here.

Nobuyoshi Araki 

Nobuyoshi Araki uses the shock factor in many of his pieces through his use of erotic scenes and subjects of female genitalia, bondage and sex clubs. However, he offsets his clearly startling scenes with his choice to photograph in black and white to leave some things up for artistic interpretation and to soften the blow of the somewhat pornographic images. As he is from Tokyo, much of his work spins the Japanese culture of harmony, respect and patience into scenes that shock the public in Japan and worldwide. 

Read more about Nobuyoshi Araki here

Learn more about famous modern photographers

The Imitate Modern Diary contains a wealth of knowledge of our represented artists and other internationally recognised names in contemporary art. To discover the best modern photographers of the last few decades, head to these headline articles on our online journal or browse all previous diary entries: 

Own a piece of art from famous contemporary photographers

To display one of the pieces by any of the artists mentioned earlier in this diary energy, have a browse at the available pieces at the Imitate Modern shop. We specialise in curating pieces that transform space with their presence, meaning and history. The contemporary artwork at our gallery are not only investment pieces that represent the first era of world-class photographers from the last few decades, but they offer a way to challenge societal norms and evoke creative thinking in anyone who takes a breath with the photographs. 

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