What is The Best London Art Gallery To Visit?

With a plethora of art galleries to choose from in the capital, it can be hard to select an art gallery in London to visit. However, as a city that is home to artwork from centuries ago and embraces the newest contemporary artists, there is something for everyone in London. So whether you are new to the city or looking to acquaint yourself with your new residence and experience the more intimate parts of London, or just stopping in for a weekend getaway, here are the best galleries in London to visit if you are interested in creative expression, history and visual stimulation. 

The 5 Best Art Galleries in London

Imitate Modern 

Imitate Modern is a fine art gallery that brings together a collection of artists’ work from creators across the globe. Unlike most galleries, we are keen to showcase big household names alongside emerging artists. We believe representing artists who use different techniques and mediums and are in a diverse stage in their careers encapsulates the energy of London surrounding collectiveness and diversity. Our only rule regarding which artists to represent is that we look for art that causes the viewer to think. Therefore, some of the work we value can be seen as controversial. But we believe that the eyes are hungry to feast on daring, novel work that causes viewers to change their perspectives. 

Head to our exhibitions page to attend the Imitate Modern exhibitions and view our represented artists’ work in person. On this page, you will find information about Imitate Modern’s current and past collections. Be sure to check back every month to keep an eye on the latest news and opening dates for each event. We have currently just wrapped up a project with Photo London 2022 in Somerset House. This year we proudly displayed the work by the fabulous David Bailey and Tyler Shields at our art gallery’s first appearance with Photo London. 

Additionally, you can also browse through the work in our online shop if you are interested in taking home some artwork that has caught your eye. Our helpful curators are always happy to help answer questions about the artists we represent and their work and organise private showings if you are interested in picking up some pieces for your home, office or private collection. 

You can also follow the Imitate Modern on social media via Instagram if you wish to get updates on our up-and-coming exhibitions. 

To learn more about our fine art gallery, head to the Imitate Modern about page on our website. 

The National Gallery 

The National Gallery is the place to go to experience artwork from as far back as the 13th century all the way up to the 20th century. The doors of The National Gallery opened in 1824 when there were just 38 paintings on display. This historic site is home to over 2,300 pictures from numerous artists and has since become one of the world’s most well-renowned and most visited artwork gallery. 

It is free to visit The National Gallery, and you can take a couple of hours to meander around the rooms of the gallery to soak in the work of many European artists such as Van Gogh. A trip around this gallery in London’s Trafalgar Square will inspire you to learn more about art history and discover the fascinating stories behind these incredible historical pieces. 

Before you visit The National Gallery, be sure to read our previous helpful blog post about this London Gallery. 

National Portrait Gallery

Often confused with the aforementioned National Gallery is the National Portrait Gallery. This gallery shows how portraits can show someone’s story through expression in their eyes, techniques used in the medium and choice of figures and props. The images showcase historic photos of royals and politicians alongside well-known faces that you may have seen just that morning during your breakfast scroll on social media or the news apps. The portraits of celebrities, significant figures, and artists are arranged chronologically, so each floor is a total mix of pictures and styles. 

If you enjoy portrait artists, you may enjoy some of the artists in the Imitate Modern books. For example, Nana del Riego uses self-portraits in her colourful work surrounding feminism, and Metin Salah has exceptional work using the infamous Marilyn Monroe. To discover all the portrait work by the represented artists at Imitate Modern, head through to our artist collections page for more information. 

The Tate Modern 

After opening in 1897 by the National Gallery Trustees, The Tate Galleries now comprise of four unique art galleries. The Tate Modern is now one of the independent London galleries that focuses exclusively on 20th-century art. 

There is also The Tate Britain which extends its curations to pieces from 1500 to the present day, alongside its sister branches in Liverpool, and Cornwall. 

If you want to learn more about the contemporary and modern art galleries London is home to, be sure to learn more about our contemporary fine art gallery, the Imitate Modern.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Among the art museums in London is the Victoria & Albert Museum. The V & A is the largest collection of applied and decorative arts and design, so if you enjoy British and European oil and watercolour works, novel exhibitions about fashion or the depth of the history of human creativity over the last 5,000 years, this is a great place to take a wonder. 

Similarly to Imitate Modern, the V & A Museum also hosts exhibitions with specific artists or topics. So if you are looking for something new to do in London, check out the Imitate Modern exhibitions to see what’s on. 

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