What is the Best Art Gallery in London?

The Imitate Modern is an art gallery in London that organises exhibitions across the capital. This art gallery attracts art enthusiasts, educators, and collectors with its unique approach to acquiring the best contemporary artists from around the world, no matter what stage of their career they may be entering. However, as a gallery that is also keen to help others learn about art and art history, here are Imitate Modern’s top picks for the best art galleries in London to visit on your next adventure. 

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What is an Art Gallery?

An art gallery is an organisation that aims to bring the public, media, and art collectors to the artists through displaying and promoting artwork in galleries; therefore allowing people to view artwork in person and online. 

See a few sneak peeks of the inside of the Imitate Modern artwork gallery on our Instagram. Alongside these behind-the-scenes art gallery pictures, our social media also shows off the work of our represented artists to inspire you during your daily scroll. 

Is art gallery same as museum?

A museum is where the public can go to experience new things and learn things on a particular topic. Therefore, museums are usually created to educate people. 

Art galleries do educate people. However, they also run as a business; therefore, they must also focus on connecting artists with collectors and enthusiasts who may invest in the artwork so the gallery and the artists can earn a fair profit. Art galleries are businesses that support the careers of individual artists. 

However, you can still visit an art gallery if your primary intention is learning and exposure to new artwork without purchasing a piece, as many owners and staff members are happy to share their knowledge with like-minded individuals. 

What are 5 Famous Galleries in London?

  • The National Gallery is home to over 2,000 works of art, some dating back to the 13th century. The National Gallery first opened in 1824 with just 38 paintings and is free to visit as a member of the public. Learn more about The National Gallery in our previous diary entry
  • The National Portrait Gallery should not be confused with the aforementioned National Gallery. This gallery was the first place in the world dedicated to portraits, and it is now home to a collection of artwork. Most of the pieces have earnt their place in the history books, and you will easily spot some famous faces as your wander through the gallery. You can even spot some artwork by David Bailey, whose name you may remember from a previous diary entry on the Imitate Modern blog. 
  • The Tate Britain is a fabulous place to feed your mind with the works of Turner or Francis Bacon. You can take yourself on a self-guided art gallery tour and study one of the largest collections of British art. 
  • The Tate Modern is one of the most visited attractions in the UK. As the most famous Modern Art Gallery in London, it houses permanent collections by British artists and short-term exhibitions that attract modern art enthusiasts. Everything in the Tate Modern was created in the 1900s, hence the gallery’s name. 
  • Royal Academy of Arts was founded in the late 1700s and is home to iconic works, including Queen Victoria’s paintbox. 

Other notable mentions of art galleries you should visit in London include:

  • Tate Britain 
  • Zabludowicz Collection
  • Hayward Gallery
  • Serpentine South Gallery & Serpentine North Gallery
  • Hauser and Wirth 
  • Barbican Art Gallery
  • Dulwich Picture Gallery 
  • Goldsmiths Contemporary Art Centre
  • Saatchi Gallery
  • NOW Gallery
  • The Museum of London
  • The Imitate Modern also runs short-term exhibitions throughout the year, such as the Imitate Modern collaboration with Photo London. 

Where is the Most Famous Art Gallery? 

Paris is often known for being the ‘The City of Art’, a city where you could spend an entire weekend walking around art museums and still have enough museums to keep you busy for the following three weeks. Paris is a stylish city with interesting architecture, fashionable residents, and an abundance of art galleries, and therefore, it’s no surprise the most famous gallery in the world is located in this city. 

Arguably, the most famous gallery in the world is the Louvre Museum, where you can find over 480,000 works of art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. 

What Makes a Good Art Gallery? 

The fine art gallery owners of Imitate Modern proudly work with established and emerging artists in various fields. 

Like any good artwork gallery, we hold certain levels of professionalism, such as maintaining loyalty to our represented contemporary artists through championing the progression of their careers and organising a new art exhibition when one of our artists has launched a new collection. 

We also strive to help the public learn more about art, art history, and the stories behind the individual artwork pictures in our gallery. We do this by organising free and paid exhibitions in London where the public can view our represented artists’ work in person and speak to gallerists about the pieces and the inspiration behind each artwork. 

We also regularly post educational content on the Imitate Modern diary to help our audience discover new talent and learn more about the iconic names that have shaped modern and contemporary art history. 

Where Can You Buy Contemporary and Modern Art for Sale? 

You can gage an idea for the type of art gallery prices you can expect to pay to own a piece of an artist’s creations on the Imitate Modern website. Our digital shop contains information on the painting for sell, including the artist’s profile and information on purchasing and organising delivery from our world-class team. 


If you are looking for some attractive art for sales, Imitate Modern has a selection of interesting pieces which you can use to transform your home or office space or liven up your art collection.

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