Tyler Shields: Profile, Backstory and Where To Purchase His Photography

tyler shields

To kick off our series of artist insights, let us introduce you to Tyler Shields. 

Shields professional American inline skater turned photographer, director and writer. You may know Shields from his work with many celebrities or his controversial images representing social and political agendas. His work is here to grab attention, and Shields isn’t afraid to rock the boat and use striking images to evoke emotion in the view. 

Tyler Shields Background

Tyler Shields currently resides in the celebrity capital of the world, Los Angeles, California. However, he hasn’t always rubbed shoulders with the elite and famous of Hollywood. Shields grew up on the East Coast in Jacksonville, Florida. He spent his early life on the ice rink, training to be an inline skater. He then went on to be successful in his first career and win the world championships. 

After working on the discipline and dedication to his craft in skating, he turned his attention to professional photography. He became one of the youngest and most successful artists to sell at Sotheby’s. After gaining momentum in his photography career, Shields collaborated with A-list celebrities and skyrocketed his reach. The limited edition prints of Tyler Shields poster collection sold a record number of tickets to the events. 


His first notable celebrity encounter was with Lindsay Lohan, where he shot her in public in their home town of LA. Many people had not dared to go where Shields had and never dreamed that someone would be able to photograph such A-list celebs in public. Too many times, he was told his ideas were impossible to bring to reality. However, time and time again, Tyler Shields proves that he can achieve things many photographers can only dream of accomplishing in their careers. He has now worked with countless celebrities and models. 

About Tyler Shields Photography

Although we urge you to view Shields’ art in person and experience the breathtaking experience of viewing his work up close, here are a few examples of his work to help you grasp a concept for his style. Shields pushes art to the edge of its boundaries and then watches in confidence as it falls over the edge. 

The Danger and Shock Factor

Fright, blood and risk encompass the type of work often exhibited by Shields. He isn’t afraid to play with fire and grab the viewers attention with scenes straight out of a horror movie. 




Wild Animals 

Along with his work with people and places, he also incorporates animals into the mix. Although, he isn’t interested in the neighbourhood cat or a furry four-legged friend. Instead, he’ll reach in and choose the most treacherous animals from lions, alligators and skates to ensure he goes where other photographs would only dream. 




Flower Girl 

Another favourite is the Flower Girl: a seemingly simple image with an interesting backstory. We would even argue that this image seems more interesting the longer you gaze at the photograph. This image was taken using a 30-year-old film camera to give the illusion it was a scene from the mid-late 1900s. 



Tyler open admits that he avoided harsh shadows for his early work. However, like in a roulette game, he has since gone all-in on black to focus on harsh dark shadows and line work in his storytelling. 



Kissing, Mouths and Sensual Pleasure

Shields is also known for his erotic work featuring mouths, glamourous women in risky situations and photographs with a sense of sensuality at their core. 




Celebrities X Tyler Photographer

Tyler Shields has been well recognised for his work with various celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Maddie Ziegler, Bruce Willis, Emma Roberts, Elon Musk and Lindsay Lohan. He is often seen as a ‘celebrity shock photographer’ due to tyler photography of unapologetic work using blood, knives and other striking scenes. 




He has also joined forces with many well-known brands to shoot their advertorial work. Nike, Adidas, and Playboy have featured his photography, to name a few. 

Pictures of Shields in action:




Tyler Shields Dreaming Awake Event

As mentioned, Shields is one of Sotheby’s most successful young artists. They are collaborating once again to bring you a collection of his work in their London gallery. Join them at the selling exhibition 25th February – 19th March

View Tyler Shields Online

Although it can be tricky to view Tyler’s photography in person due to current restrictions, you can view his artwork in a virtual gallery

Tyler Shields at Imitate Modern

Tyler Shields is one of our featured artists at Imitate Modern. We currently have Chateau 2020 for sale at our exclusive gallery and represent him within his exhibitions in London. This black and white photograph depicts a glamourous young woman walking confidently down a street beneath an oversized neon sign. She grabs attention by wearing a minimalistic lingerie set and a long coat even though the photo suggests this scene is happening at nighttime. She looks straight ahead with the intent. The arrow in the sign above and the strong statute of the tree beside her also reflect her strong will and motivation to pursue her night ahead. 

Enquire today if you want your home or office to benefit from the confidence this artwork presents.  


Where can you buy Tyler Shields work? 

You can find art photography for sale from Tyler Shields and a number of other acclaimed artists from our website or visit Imitate Modern to discuss your purchase with our knowledgeable gallery associates. 

What is Tyler Shields net worth?

As one of the most successful photographers and artists, Shield’s net worth far exceeds $1 million, but who can really put a price on his knowledge and expertise anyway? 

Does Tyler Shields have a website? 

Yes! You can find a fabulous portfolio of Tyler Sheilds’ images at TylerShields.com. He is also active on Instagram and YouTube

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