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Welcome to another one of our artist deep dives and discover Taschen publishing, a company based in Germany that is the creme de la creme of bringing art, anthropology and aphrodisia to the public. However, Taschen is not just any publishing house but one of the most successful international publishers to ever emerge! They produce books that are useful AND stunning artwork for your home. 

Let’s look at who Taschen are, their company background and history and why the Taschen books are the number one choice for exquisite coffee table books for anyone who loves a perfectly crafted finishing touch for their living space. 

How did Taschen begin?

Taschen has been a well-established publisher of art, anthropology and aphrodisia books in Cologne, Germany, since the 1980s. The company was started by Benedikt Taschen and his daughter Marlene Taschen. They started publishing Taschen senior’s old comic collection and have since grown into a sizeable worldwide publishing company with over 250 employees. 

In the last 40 plus years, Taschen has shown they are masters at producing art books in many fields, including books with erotic, fetishistic art. They have notably collaborated with Playboy on many Taschen art books and magazines. They publish niche books about erotica history and artistic nudity and have also published more mainstream books, including the history of advertising and fashion. They balance their brand of niche lesser-known art with more commonly found subjects with exceptional taste. Something few other publishers can claim to do with success. 

What does Taschen do now?

Taschen has expanded many miles from their home in Germany and now holds publishing houses in other European cities, such as London and Paris, as well as branching further afield to Los Angeles and Hong Kong. More recently, Taschen has also branched out into producing pocket-sized books, calendars and postcards. 

You can now find works by Taschen UK at several galleries and quaint bookshops in London, including at our gallery, the Imitate Modern. And soon you’ll maybe join the hype and have one in your own home!

Taschen specialities

If you have a particular interest in buying a book from the Taschen sale, you may be in the right place if you love art, architecture, food, wine, the human form, travel or even art record covers. Taschen produces books in many niches, so there is bound to be something to take your fancy! Some of the most popular topics often covered by Taschen include:

Architecture and Design

Taschen has produced countless books on various architects showcasing their work, life and career. They also explore modern design in their book, showcasing the work of many art deco designers, including Harry Bertoia and Dieter Rams. 


Taschen is more than well established at publishing books on the works of many artists, including Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Hokusai. You can also get art books by Taschen on certain artistic styles such as pop art or expressionism. 

Comic Books 

Marvel fans will adore these hardback Spiderman comic books complete with issues of Spiderman from the 1960s! So it’s no surprise these books are some of Taschen’s top sellers. 


Taschen also covers locations across the globe, including the book Amazônia by Sebastião Salgado and Japan 1900.  


Although the Ultimate Collector Cars book isn’t quite the same as having a 50 car garage for a vintage car collection, this Taschen book is the next best thing! With photographs of the 1903 Mercedes-Simplex and the innovative 2020 McLaren Speedtail. This book is the ultimate coffee table book for anyone interested in motors. 

Why you need a Taschen book in your home or workplace

To find a Taschen books sale near you, look no further than Imitate Modern in East London. We offer a small selection of Taschen books that could be the item you’ve been looking for to complete your living space or office/waiting room at work. 

What Imitate Modern has on offer from Taschen:

  • Dalí. The Wines of Gala: A unique cookbook focussed on using grapes and teaching you about the sensation of wine and over 140 stunning illustrations by Salvador Dalí. 

  • Dalí. Les Dîners De Gala: Or perhaps you prefer this alternative book by Taschen X Salvador Dalí, which encapsulates the essence of fine dining through Dalís illustration work. With these books by Taschen and Dalí being both practical cookbooks and beautiful artworks, you can’t put a foot wrong by introducing one into your kitchen. 

  • Le Petit Voyeur 7: This limited edition book showcases the work of over 25 acclaimed artists, including Antwan Horfee, Ces, Christian Lemmerz. 

  • Her Majesty: Marvel at the life of Queen Elizabeth II in this collection of personal and public photographs depicting her life from her birth in 1926 to her coronation in 1953 and beyond into her life today. Uncover the history of the royals and wonder at their glamorous life in the public eye. 

  • London: Portrait of a City: Celebrate your hometown or this capital of life with this book that captures all aspects of life in London, from architecture to street style to the history and notable landmarks. 

Where to find out more about Taschen

We are also fortunate enough to partner with Taschen and offer five gorgeous stand-alone coffee table books for you to marvel at, all available for purchase in-store or online at Imitate Modern

You can also join the 420,000 other people keeping tabs on Taschen through social media on Instagram @taschen and FaceBook

Learn more about Taschen books London and the company on the Taschen website. As they say at Taschen, there’s a book for everyone, so we can’t wait to help you find the perfect piece for you. 

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