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“his most striking works to date.–Lena Rawley, The New York Times Magazine December 11, 2016 ”

“Tyler Shields’ photography isn’t a comment; his images don’t end with a period. They end in a question mark… Shields pursues myriad situations that range from documentary to fantasy to somewhere between… Lavish scenes [are] connected by Shields’ technical expertise, his arresting use of color, tone, contrast and composition.” –Carol Motsinger,, December 9, 2016

Artist: Dian Hanson

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Bad boy photographer Tyler Shields’s darkly romantic work has made a big impression, whether it’s his photographs of exploding Rolls Royces, alligators clamping their jaws on Birkin bags, or starlets covered in blood. Shields manages to combine the world of Hollywood glamour with his love for the acrobatic (drawing on a history of working with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk), creating a wonderful combustion of movement, colour, and subject. Provocateur brings together in a single lavish volume several of the LA-based photographer’s collections, including a series of retro-style glamour portraits, ethereally decadent Marie Antoinette-inspired visions, and rustic woodland scenes that serve as a backdrop for modern-day nymphs. No stranger to controversy, unaffected by the feathers he ruffles, Tyler pushes his subjects – often the young elite of Hollywood – and himself, to the limits, going well outside usual comfort zones. Tyler’s daring, perceptiveness, and skill in getting his subjects to reveal themselves make these images unforgettable and provocative.

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