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Out of Stock car crash (yellow), screen print on paper, A0. Luc Waring. Imitate Modern Gallery, London.

Luc Waring – Car Crash (Yellow)


Cody Choi – Above The Clouds #3


Day-z – Charlie Black


Ed Ball – Cinematic Study IX


Paul Oz – Do or Do Not, There is No Try (Yoda)


Chloe Trujillo – Alchemy (Print)

David Bowie. The Man Who Fell To Earth. Taschen Book. Imitate Modern Gallery, London.

David Bowie. The Man Who Fell To Earth (TASCHEN)

Cody Choi, Flora #2, Imitate Modern Gallery, London.

Cody Choi – Flora #2


Day-z – Fake


Romero Britto – Colours Around the World


Henry Hate – Bankable Babe

GOAT - Greatest of All Times, Tribute to Muhammad Ali, Taschen, Imitate Modern Gallery

GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (TASCHEN)


Human Relations Pin Up Box


Charlotte Posner – Hello Sweetie


Mario Testino. SIR (TASCHEN)


Chloe Trujillo – Skulls (Black & White)