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Cartrain – Kim Jong-un Green (on canvas)

Cody Choi, Flora #10, Imitate Modern Gallery, London.

Cody Choi – Flora #10

Ren Hang, Taschen Book. Imitate Modern Gallery, London.

Ren Hang (TASCHEN)


Paul Oz – Saint Senna

Out of Stock

Cartrain – Kim Jong-un Yellow (on canvas)


Charlotte Posner – English Breakfast

Out of Stock

Romero Britto


Luc Waring – Class Warfare


Paul Oz – Red Lego

Noboyushi Araki Photography Book Imitate Modern Gallery

Nobuyoshi Araki – Marvelous Tales of Black Ink


Stuart Semple – My Heaven is Inside (Blue Love)


I’M An Original T-Shirt (Black)


Cartrain – I went to Disneyland and all I got was this Cigar (Che Guevara – Red)


Rebecca Mason – Do You Hear Yourself When You Speak (What?)


Paul Oz – Purple Rain (Prince)


Rebecca Mason – Money Talks: Under Sharing (Money)