Pictures of Womens Art: Where to Find Collections from Female Artists

In this article which we have aptly named ‘pictures of womens art’, we aim to show how female artists are taking back control over femininity and the female form. Too often, the search results for an image of women will result in something vulgar and out of the women’s control. However, these artists have shown they are here to change the way women’s bodies are used in art. 

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Artists Who Honour Femininity

Sara Pope 

Of course, not all female artists use portraits or the female body as the main subject area for their work. Contemporary painter Sara Pope has chosen to use female-appearing lips as the main focus of her work. Focussing on this important area of the body that can represent so many emotions, feelings, experiences and senses of a woman. Her work captures the emotions of the models immaculately and has captured the essence of femininity. Her work fits in any area of the home and office where you need to inject life and energy, as it is thought-provoking and eye-catching. 

Eve de Haan 

Eve de Haan is all about trying new things, exploring and allowing herself to express herself. Eve de Haan is a natural storyteller and has chosen to use her skills in expression to make everyday life beautiful, emotive and spectacular. Eve de Haan focuses on using themes of youth, culture and relationships in her work. 

Eve de Haan is a prime example of how females can finally use their innate abilities to tell stories and have the world take notes. For too many years, women have been in the background and the side characters of their own stories, and Eve de Haan is a pioneer in championing storytelling from a female perspective through her neon art medium. 

Nana del Riego 

One of our featured artists, Nana del Riego, is all about using femininity and seeking ownership over the female form as a woman in art. Nana del Riego’s art primarily focuses on self-portrait work that uses colour and other bold forms of expression, such as her poses and facial expressions. Nana del Riego’s art is photography with an element of digital art, and her work is inspirational to many of the themes of feminism that run through her collection. Nana del Riego’s goal is to reduce stereotypes of the female form and take ownership of female bodies back into the hands of female artists. 

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Mairi-Luise Tabbakh

Mairi-Luise Tabbakh is a name known to many in the photography community as she stands out for her erotic work. Tabbakh shoots almost exclusively in black and white to allow for the scene to take centre stage. Mairi-Luise Tabbakh exclusively uses the same form to enhance the women’s curves with typically masculine props such as guns and other weapons. When it comes to what it means to be a woman images by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh can showcase this perfectly. Her iconic photography is a force to be reckoned with and can go down in history books for enhancing the feminist movement. 

Where to Purchase Pictures of Womens Art

If you are in the market for some artwork and wish to find the perfect piece to display on your wall at home, in your office or in a private collection, you can view the available pieces from our represented artists on the Imitate Modern online store

At the time of writing this article, we have a photo of woman by world-class photographer Tyler Shields named ‘2:22 am’, which is part of his Dirty Side of Glamour series. We also have the Batman Woman image by Shields from his Provocateur series, which shows a female model in a classic batman mask with sticking red lips and a lit cigarette. 

There is also a womans photo taken by none other than David Bailey from his collection Archival Inkjet. The photo ‘Catherine Bailey’ is a favourite among many art enthusiasts. 

We also host a collection of the vibrant work by Nana del Riego, including her self-portraits, such as ‘Popland III’ and ‘Heritage’. We love showcasing Nana del Riego’s images of woman hood as she takes the female form and captures femininity back into the hands of women. When it comes to Nan’s work, you will find that all the womens images are taken by someone who cares and controls the narrative to bring the decisions and power back to females.  

Learn More! 

If you have stumbled on this page when searching terms like artist famous contemporary women female pictures images feminism etc. We hope you have enjoyed learning about these female artists and models in the contemporary work by artists represented by the Imitate Modern. 

You can find the latest selection of female artists who are represented by our gallery in London on the Imitate Modern website. We love to champion contemporary female artists who create striking images of womanhood and show divine femininity within their work as photographers, painters, sculptors etc. Nothing would excite us more than talking to like-minded people who share our passion for learning about new artists and their work. 

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