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Thierry Guetta is a filmmaker turned street pop artist who goes by the name Mr Brainwash. Guetta started his working life as a videographer. Therefore he has clearly always had a creative streak within him. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that Mr Brainwash rapidly became a topic of discussion in the art world after his debut exhibition ‘life in beautiful’. 

This article will uncover more about this acclaimed street artist, discuss his background, his work and discuss how you can own a slice of Mr Brainwash’s history for yourself. 

Who is Mr Brainwash? 

Thierry Guetta (B. 1966) is a French-born artist who grew up in Los Angeles, California. He is now known by the name Mr Brainwash by which he publishes his art. His cousin was the first person to introduce Guetta to street art. Banksy then encouraged him to pursue his career further. He is also a videographer and filmmaker and has previously been in the business of selling vintage clothing in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, where he was highly successful. Since then, he has amassed over one million followers on social media. However, he isn’t a one-hit-wonder as his public profile has continued to grow even years after his initial collaboration with Banksy.

Mr Brainwash Art

As mentioned, Mr Brainwash’s first solo exhibition was the ‘life in beautiful’ show in LA in 2008. After this the ‘life in beautiful: icons’ exhibition was brought to New York two years later. Then a year following his success in America Mr Brainwash appeared on the global stage in London at the Opera Gallery, in the Toronto Film Festival and even during the London Olympic Games of 2012. The ‘life in beautiful’ show then made another appearance in Miami in 2010 and 2011. 

Mr Brainwash Style 

You can spot a Mr Brainwash piece a mile off. His signature style is graffiti-inspired and uses colourful text and brightly coloured strokes. He also uses familiar figures such as Charlie Chaplin, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Albert Einstein, David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe in his work who are more often than not depicted in black and white and in incredible detail for a juxtaposition against the more abstract and colourful backgrounds. Thierry Guetta primarily works on large scale projects and print work. 

Mr Brainwash Inflences

It is clear from Mr Brainwash’s work and by his own admission that his style reflects urban culture and iconography. His main influences are, unsurprisingly, Andy Warhol, Kieth Haring and Banksy. His cousin who introduced him to street art has also played a vital role in developing Mr Brainwash’s style and igniting this branch of his creative career. 

Mr Brainwash Collaborations

Like many of the artists we work with at the Imitate Modern Gallery in London, Mr Brainwash has worked with other artists and many A list celebrities. He has also worked with organisers of global and national events. Here are some of his more notable collaborations within the US and worldwide. 

Mr Brainwash Banksy connection 

Banksy, the allusive pseudonym for the British street artist, is thought to have been one of the people who influenced Thierry Guetta to pursue art as a career in the late 90s. 

Thierry Guetta was also heavily featured in the well-known Banksy documentary-fiction ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, which was released in 2010. After presenting at the Sundance Film Festival, this documentary was also nominated for an Oscar award. 

Mr. Brainwash Madonna

In 2009, Mr Brainwash was commissioned by the fabulous Madonna to design the cover for her album ‘Celebration’ and some of her subsequent albums. 

Mr. Brainwash 9/11

After the tragedy of 9/11, Mr Brainwash made a mural in New York to commemorate those who has been killed or injured during the incident. 

Mr. Brainwash Battersea Power Station 

The Mr Brainwash website lists Thierry Guetta as one of the artists involved in the recent renovation of the Battersea Power Station underground railway station in London. His large mural with a multitude of bright colours can be seen on the river near the building, which gives life to the surrounding area and a sense of ‘street’ back to this area of the city by the river. 

Mr. Brainwash Fashion Collaborations

In the last seven to eight years, Mr Brainwash has also dabbled in the world of fashion due to his interest in street style and urban culture. He initially worked on the opening of Hublot’s Bal Harbour Boutique in Miami and then was commissioned to help with Sunglasses Hut’s artist series when they partnered with Rayban in 2015. 

Mr. Brainwash Music Collaborations

Along with designing 15 album covers for Madonna, Thierry Guetta has worked with other legendary music artists such as Michael Jackson. He designed album covers for Rick Ross. He has also worked with Rita Ora in 2014 and the directors of the Coachella music festival in 2013. Using his videography background he worked on the video for ‘Divine sorrow’ by Wyclef Jean. 

What is Thierry Guetta/Mr Brainwash net worth?

Mr brainwash artist is estimated to be worth between $10-25 million. This isn’t surprising considering many of the Mister Brainwash art pieces now sell for up to six figures in a resell market. Visit the Imitate Modern shop to view what work is on the secondary market in our gallery. 

Where to Buy Mr Brainwash Prints

When looking for Mr Brainwash art for sale, there is no better place for Londoners than the Imitate Modern gallery. The Imitate Modern are experts in handling art from well-known artists and helping you choose the right piece for an investment, your home or workspace. Get in touch today to see how we can help you find contemporary art. 

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