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Private View: Thursday 10th May
Exhibition Run: 10th May – 5th June

“It’s time to lift the lid on what’s really going on,” screams Maximilian Wiedemann as he launches into a verbal tirade, casting a critical finger in the air before slamming a fist down with a thud at Imitate Modern, the Mayfair gallery playing house to his new exhibition showcasing the satirical juxtaposition on modern day obsessions with status obsessed wealth, deception and abuse of power.

“I want to expose the immoral madness. I don’t want to live in a society where the working man is hit harder. It’s time to unmask these golden pigs”.

The show, entitled ‘Greedy As a Pig’ explores money, love, fame and celebrity, specifically highlighting the toxic, greedy and immoral culture present in banking and politics.

“These are the currencies of our time; we truly can’t live with them and now can’t live without them. I’m an observer, a filter, a camera for what goes on in our society. Money has absorbed and manipulated so many people’s values. We believe in it more than our core. The culture of corruption in our politics and financial centres, such as Wall Street and business in general is corrosive. To me the policy of insider trading, abuses the weak and vulnerable at precisely the wrong time, celebrating the fact that everything is rigged and only people who have a billions of dollars in the bank can make best friends with boards of directors on major companies, to make a true buck. It is this toxicity I aim to crusade against in ‘Greedy as a Pig’.”

Maximilian Wiedemann is not a traditional artist, he is not a graffiti artist, he is not mainstream. Wiedemann’s work, his passion, and his art are a mirror of society, a glimpse of what is taboo and thoughts that dare not be verbalised. This revolutionary artist moves us through dynamic images, and thought provoking phrases; he takes a leap of faith and chooses the path of passion and the unknown, rather than safety and conformity.

What makes Maximilian Wiedemann’s work relative, and yet iconic is his ability to capture an era, a timeless moment, or a lost icon. Through his desire to innovate, his art is always pushing the boundaries of traditional painting, and through his passion to create we are witness to a talent that has yet to be reined in, or defined.

Wiedemann’s work in the past has been highly influenced by fashion and sex, it has now matured to love, money and politics. Names such as Prada and Vogue have been overtaken by satirical comment on fat cat bankers and celebrity obsessed wannabes with back-bitting frivolity. Wiedemann was thrust into the limelight after Karl Lagerfeld introduced him to the Editor of French Vogue at a restaurant in Paris, after buying a painting. Soon after the meeting he was commissioned by VH1 for a series of paintings of Leona Lewis, Adele and Miley Cyrus, to which his provocative imagery of women has come under extreme fire from hated gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

“Yes it can be perceived as bling, of course it can, but it’s pure irony. For me it is the Led Zeppelin radical fused with Jimmy Hendrix fantasy and liberty with a steering element of status obsessed rap couture. My art definitely has a nod to BIG, Puffy, Kanye and Jay Z musing about diamonds, Versace and Cartier. I always felt that was a powerful combination, as the rawness of street art and hip hop creates an edge in the high fashion world and luxury market.”

Born in Frankfurt in 1977 to an English mother, and German father, Maximilian Wiedemann grew up in a home with diverging personalities and cultures that was to have a strong influence on his youth. Wiedemann’s talent and passion for expressing his thoughts showed early signs of promise in his work. As a ten year old graffiti artist his enthusiasm, energy, and need to express his thoughts had found an outlet facilitated by a spray can and an inspirational location. Nothing was too small or too large for his art.

As a young adult Wiedemann entered the corporate world of advertising which proved a hotbed for Wiedemann’s sharp intellect, and a creative outlet, but most importantly, his ten years in advertising left him with the knowledge that art is a powerful medium in which to communicate and advertise what is relevant in our world. Regularly compared to a modern day Andy Warhol, a compliment Wiedemann is both happy and hesitant to accept. “I’d like to say yes, but anyone who paints with acrylic and screen prints images gets instantly compared to Andy Warhol especially as I have an advertising background. If anything I am more of a ‘Max War-Whore’, and to really answer that question I think we need to consider that if Andy Warhol was still alive today what would he be doing?”

“I promise you he would be painting Rolex’s, Champagne bottles and everything that incorporates status. He documented the scene. So yes, I believe we are very close. Though I use text to convey my messages, be it political or otherwise and he didn’t do that.”

“Andy Warhol also said that everyone is famous for fifteen minutes, but now the shelf life of instant fame and celebrity is more like fifteen seconds. Accelerated by status updates on Facebook or ten second video clips on You Tube!”

Wiedemann believes that to become famous as an artist and to have some longevity you need to mean or say something with your art.

“I’m not about landscapes or pretty colours. I am trying to make a statement. My painting is raw but that’s the passion behind it. I capture the moment. My talent will only lay in communicating my art and if people get it, appreciate it and buy it then I have succeeded in my mission as an artist.”

Maximilian Wiedemann is based in London and Miami. He constantly sells out shows in Paris, New York and Miami has strong representation in LA and Berlin.

For more information about the exhibition please visit our Contact page.

Maximilian Wiedemann is represented by Imitate Modern.

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