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Exhibition runs: 19th July – 16th August, 2014

We are proud to present Exposure, bringing you a wonderfully diverse collection of artists, many of whom are exhibiting at Imitate Modern for the very first time. Joining Day-z, Luc Waring, Mairi-Luise Tabbakh and Paul Oz are an exciting line-up of new names: Louis-Nicolas Darbon, Maisie Garner-Currie, Pam Glew, Joanna Ham, Buki Koshoni, Daniel Sachon, The Dotmasters and Victoria Sin. Exposure showcases a wide variety of mediums from oilpainting to photography, fine-drawing to mixed media pieces, brought together with striking use of the monochrome palette.

Stripping back the colour reveals the beauty and intricacies in each of these techniques: Day-z and Garner-Currie immaculately capturing those fine details by pen, while Tabbakh, Koshoni and Sachon seduce us with their sensual photography. Branching out further, Glew and Ham introduce their mixed media techniques alongside Sin’s distinctive tongue-in-cheek illustration. Darbon, Dotmasters and Oz, although all painters, are poles apart, using acrylic, spray and oil paint respectively, each in their signature styles. We also welcome back Luc Waring, fresh from graduation with his expressive, experimental edge.

These talented artists have a broad array of influences and portray a number of very different subjects, from ‘Gino’ the elephant to Anna Wintour, and some of music’s greatest legends. What unifies these artists is also what makes them different; each brings a rare and individual talent, cementing their place in the next generation of icons of the art world.

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