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The Imitate Modern is a contemporary art gallery based in the capital of creativity, aka London. This fine art gallery is well-known for working with a collection of established and emerging artists in the industry. But what do they all have in common? Each artist in the Imitate Modern family is a bold figure with a curious and creative mind. They tend to use their skills in different artistic mediums to express critical ideas and challenge social norms, and we are all for this progressive theme within art. So settle in and read about each exhibition London hosts via the Imitate Modern.

London Art Exhibitions by Imitate Modern 

This short list will uncover a selection of the productions and a recent exhibition London has hosted, including some of our favourite contemporary artists at the Imitate Modern. For more information on current, upcoming, and past exhibitions in London, visit the Imitate Modern London exhibitions page on our website

BITCHES by Daniel Sachon 

Daniel Sachon’s solo show ‘BITCHES’ has just closed in October 2022. The name is even rather too direct to call the title a pun. Sachon used the derogatory term for women by also combining the duel meaning of the work for a female dog (otherwise known as a bitch) to create a humourous play with femininity and transform this slander into art. The combination of small dogs with sharp teeth and beautiful women with pearly white teeth enhances the irony of this show’s title. 

Sachon also reminds viewers that some inspiration for this show came from Jo Freeman’s ‘Bitch Manifestio’. The feminist scholar states that peop[le must be strong while also dangerous and understand that ‘Bitch is Beautiful and therefore we have nothing to lose’. 

Read more about this show, the inspiration, and the history of the name ‘BITCHES’ and view some of the highlights in this, sadly, now closed show by Daniel Sachon, on our website in the art exhibition section

Photo London 2022

Photo London is a staple event in an annual calendar for all artists and art enthusiasts. This event is part of the art exhibitions London offers, which brings together international artists in one stage to allow people to share their experiences of photography and digital art and gain new perspectives on significant matters and current events. 

Tyler Shields, who is a Californian artist who Imitate Modern represent, was a featured artist for this exhibition in London. He showcased 11 prints in this London exposition 

from his most impressive work in collaboration with Imitate Modern. He included some work from 2012 known as ‘glitter mouth’ alongside other work, such as the vacant streets of LA during the Pandemic. 

Photo London is back next year from 10th to 14th May 2023. So be sure to add this date to your calendar and join us for a few hours during these dates! 

Our Press team have covered this event on our website, so feel free to read more about this event on our exhibitions page on the gallery website. You may also like to follow Imitate Modern on Instagram to receive current updates on where our represented artists’ work is being displayed in a city near you. 

Presenting Nana del Riego 

As you may have guessed by the title of this exhibition, we also use events to welcome our newest talents to the art world. As mentioned, Imitate Modern is keen to represent an array of artists with varying degrees of experience and portfolios, so we are proud to help the fantastic digital artist Nana del Riego make her entrance into London as one of our newest artists. 

Del Riego is a Cuban artist who frequently uses themes of femininity and references her background, having grown up in Havana, Cuba, as key elements in her work. We believe this is just the start for Nana, and we were thrilled to welcome her into London with the show ‘Presenting Nana Del Riego’ earlier in 2022. 

You can get to know Nana del Riego and her incredibly vibrant and challenging work on the Imitate Modern diary as we have highlighted her in many previous articles, including ‘Who are the Contemporary Photographers Represented by Imitate Modern?’, ‘Top Latin American Artists With Interesting Stories’ and ‘How To Spot A Talented Emerging Photographer’. 

Online Exhibitions

We also have an online shop where you can view contemporary artwork for sale in our gallery. If you are not based in London or looking to view art to purchase outside of an exhibition show dates window, we are also happy to arrange private viewings with our gallery experts. This one-to-one time with our experts can help you uncover the stories behind the artists and their work and help you choose the perfect piece for a wall in your home or office that is crying out for a piece of contemporary artwork to liven it up. 

Please feel free to contact our friendly team for more information. 

Connecting Your Eyes With Art in London 

Imitate Modern is part of some world-class exhibitions that showcase the best of art in different mediums, from painting to digital art to cultures and even silkscreen. Our gallery is always hot on showing off our artists’ work which causes the viewers to challenge their perspectives. 

We love showing our audience that there are no limits while displaying the pieces and inspiring people to take more interest in art or encouraging them to take the first steps to purchase artwork for their homes and offices. But of course, we are also keen to allow everyone in London and the surrounding area access to feast their eyes on our artists’ work, so please feel free to stop by one of the exhibitions with our featured artists. 

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