A Contemporary Artists Gallery

Imitate Modern’s contemporary artists gallery delivers the new and established voices that are coming to define a generation of international art. These artists are the foundation of everything we do, the creators that are leading the way to new vistas. They are the reason we became the contemporary applied arts gallery London can’t stop talking about.

The contemporary artworks on view represent the core of what Imitate Modern stands for. We present daring artists who are willing to examine our world, giving birth to new images and new ways of seeing. Our artists come from around the globe, giving our collection a breadth and depth uncommon for most galleries. And with a mixture of mediums and perspectives, these artists represent a full spectrum of visual arts today.

Browse through our artists’ pages and discover your next favorite painter, sculptor, photographer, printmaker. When you find something you love, head over to our shop page and have it delivered to your door.

  • Hong Kong 1980s

  • Havana, Cuba 1996

  • London 1992

  • London, U.K. b. 1938

  • Florida, U.S.A b.1982

  • London, U.K. b.1995

  • United States

  • Copenhagen