Imitate Modern: A Fine Art Gallery in London

We’re pioneers of the London Contemporary Art Scene

Our fine art gallery in London brings the bleeding edge to Shepherd Market. Friendly but unafraid, bold but substantial. It’s the destination for those ready to explore, discover and reimagine art.

Imitate Modern brings a new experience to art galleries in London, with a coterie of established and emerging artists from around the world who are pushing us into the new frontiers of the 21st century. We represent the voices in art that need to be heard, that call out to be seen and felt. We do not shy from controversy. We move into the conversations that need to be had, bringing perspectives that turn the world upside down.

Many of our artists have become major names on the tip of everyone’s tongue, while others are only just beginning to breakthrough. At Imitate Modern, you can witness the work that is defining the era and creating the next one.

Exhibitions include everything from paintings to sculpture, silkscreen to photography. The horizon is open. We pursue art in any medium that satiates the hunger to feel, that slakes the thirst to think. We present artwork that you can sink your teeth into. It’s about creating the kind of London gallery that’s all too rare: daring and groundbreaking, with an eye towards quality. In this pursuit, there are no limits.

We continue to operate under this ethos—our London art gallery call to arms—that great art does not keep us comfortable, that great art makes us live more passionately and sometimes live differently. There are plenty of spaces available to those who want to drift. We created a gallery for those who want to wake up and see, and see with eyes wide open, the world to come. It’s the contemporary art gallery London has been waiting for.