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Luc Waring

Luc Waring, formerly known as Artmani, is recognised for elegantly playing with our obsession with branding, advertisement and consumerism. He explores the trends and pressures adopted by our modern society, whilst satirically examining the mechanics of capitalism and so-called ‘democracy’. This depth, and move from a focus on the ‘craft’ came about when Waring explored the notion of identity. He sees this as a turning point for him as an artist, from being concerned with aesthetics to a new awareness of the socio-political concepts that his artwork portrays today.

In the last few years Waring expanded his use of different mediums, far beyond his foundations in street art. He has been working closely with photo etch, collage, screen-printing, lithography, aerosol and stencil, in addition to experimenting with dark room developing, cloths, video and music. His work also incorporates materials from popular culture, that reflect his social commentary. Because he is still young, he recognises the need to experiment and build his visual and artistic vocabulary through use of different mediums.

In 2013 Waring had his first major Fine Art show at The Courtauld Gallery, where his work hung alongside works by Monet, Van Gogh and Gauguin. This was the first exhibition in which The Courtauld Gallery had exhibited live artists, securing a name for Waring in the Fine Art world. A notable collector of his work his is The Dowager Viscountess Rothermere, and even Kate Moss, a subject of some of his pieces, is a fan. One of Luc Waring’s pieces has also featured in the tabloids regarding Lindsay Lohan’s break-up scandal. 

In the same year Imitate Modern exhibited Luc Waring’s debut solo show Who Do You Think You Are? – a portrayal of his socio-political journey, showcasing his versatility as an artist with oil paintings, spray-painted pieces, sculptures and etchings. This exhibition was bursting with social commentary, reflecting on political to celebrity culture, overall questioning the audience; ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Have a closer look at ‘Who Do You Think You Are?

Luc Waring’s new solo exhibition Registered Trademarks is set to take place at our new gallery, 19 Shephard Market, Mayfair between 16th March – 27th March 2017. In this exhibition, Waring explores how we, both as individuals and a society, have internally registered luxury branding through advertisements. His style is perhaps best described as a mix of Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism, but also highlighted by an element of dreamy romanticism commonly found within the artworks of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. 

For this exhibition, Major source of influence comes from today’s metropolis, since advertisements make up the large majority of the images we see today. As Duchamp used the urinal as his everyday ‘readymade’, Waring explains: 

“I use the most commonly viewed phenomena in our environment: advertisements. To me, these are internationally relevant ‘ready-mades’ of today.

Academically, advertisements have been characterised as ‘low art’ as opposed to the ‘high art’ shown in galleries and museums. As a continuation from artists such as Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, this exhibition blurs the academic distinction between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art. Everyday advertising recreated for the gallery; house paints and aerosol alongside oil paints, etchings and hand-stretched cotton canvases. 

Take a closer look at our upcoming exhibition ‘Registered Trademarks’

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Luc Waring, Imitate Modern Gallery, London

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