Daniel Sachon

Born in 1995, Daniel Sachon is a British image maker and creative director.

Daniel’s multi disciplinary approach to his practice celebrates how a narrative is created art historically; the beauty and allure of fashion, and the psychological formation of advertising campaigns designed to subliminally inform our lives.

In the construction of his compositions, a considered approach and understanding of mis-en-scene allows Daniel to unlock our collective cultural consciousness. Referencing the aestheticized eras of the late 20th century, Daniel deconstructs fundamental elements of the image making process to engineer work that evokes a sense of timelessness and engages the familiarity of ‘golden age’ nostalgia.

Daniels interplay with these visual indicators points to the journey photography has taken to arrive at this point today; Photography as a medium, the image maker as the director, its role in the synergetic relationship of art and commerce, and how this has affected and continues to affect our fluid cultural consciousness.

In 2015 Daniel presented his first solo exhibition ‘Disruptive Innovation’ at the Londonewcastle project space in London. The body of work was an accumulation of images that explored his first 5 years as a photographer with pieces from the collection now at home in private collections across Europe.

Alongside his image making endeavours, Daniel has worked as a creative consultant on a variety of projects and has a background including art advisory, curation and consulting.

2020 saw Daniel graduate from Central St Martins where he received a BA (Hons) in Culture, Criticism and Curation.


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