Are Books Artwork? Finding The Connection between Art and Books 

Are books artwork? Of course, there are countless styles of books, and it would be impossible to classify all the books or even types of books in one diary entry alone. However, in this blog post, we will discuss whether books count as art and introduce you to, arguably, the most famous and captivating publishing house proving that books can contain some of the most memorable and exciting artwork from the last century. 

books artwork

What is an Art Book Called? 

So what differentiates a regular book from an art book? Well, that’s up to you to decide! Of course, there could be some regulated definition for an art book. However, there is no end to the amount of work that can be called an art book, otherwise known as a collection of an artist’s work. The books are portfolios of work designed to be portable ways to show others an array of work. 

However, as an infinite number of things or ideas can be art, there is, arguably, an endless number of art books available within different genres. For example, an art book may be a collection of work by a specific artist or photographer or contain a collection of work within a certain topic or relating to a particular moment in time. An art book may be a book containing your journal notes or practice work as an aspiring artist. 

Do Books Count as Artwork? 

Simply put, absolutely! Books are often collections of artwork. Of course, not every artwork is a book and not every book is a piece of art. However, there are many occasions where books count as artwork. 

The obvious examples include the Taschen Publishing books, such as Michelangelo: The Complete Works, which is a hardback book containing prints of Michelangelo’s work, including paintings and sculptures, or the Taschen book Her Majesty, which showcases images from 1926 to 2022 of Queen Elizabeth II. However, there are also other artists, photographers, fashion designers, photojournalists and even architects who choose to collate some of their work in a book.

You may also include poetry or fiction books in this category, as many books contain innovative work by authors and other creatives, which are also forms of expression and art in written form. Although we do not specialise in written art at the Imitate Modern, we champion all forms of artistic expression through a variety of mediums. 

Mini Guide to the Taschen Books

As discussed in our previous blog post, Taschen is a German publishing company which specialises in producing books based on some of the top art in the last 100+ years. Taschen has been the most successful publishing house in the world since it started in the 1980s, for a good reason. They produce stunning art in the form of captivating books that can be used as pieces in your home, office or lounges from their publishing house in Cologne, Germany and their newer lodgings in London, Paris, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. 

Are Taschen Art Books Good? 

Taschen books are just good; they are one of a kind and outstanding! Taschen has worked with acclaimed artists and designers from around the world to create books, including The Little Book of Dior, The NASA Archives: 60 Years in Space, and Warhol from the Taschen basic art series. They have also produced books with The Royal Horticulture Society and a collection of Portrait of a City Books going over locations such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. There is simply a book for everyone made by Taschen, whatever your interests may fall. 

What Artwork Books from Taschen are Available?

You can purchase a selection of the finest Taschen books directly from the Imitate Modern website. 

We currently stock four books from Taschen at Imitate Modern, including:

  • Dalí Les Diners de Gala, a book about the essence of fine dining
  • Dalí The Wines of Gala, a cookbook using grapes as the core ingredient to teach readers about wine using stunning illustrations
  • Her Majesty, a collection of historic photographs of Queen Elizabeth II from her birth to the present day
  • London: Portrait of a City, a collection of photographs to celebrate the hometown of Imitate Modern

Taschen specialises in books in these main categories of architecture and design, art, comics, travel, cars, the natural world, and more. 

How do I Find an Art Book? 

You can find your next book of art in local galleries, markets or online. Of course, it’s up to you to decide which of the countless cool art books is next on your list to add to your ever-growing collection. 

However, if you are interested in any books by our represented artists and the incredible Taschen publishing house, please feel free to contact us or browse through the current artwork for sale at Imitate Modern so we can scan our art shop and see if we have anything you may wish to add to your personal collection. 

How to Purchase Contemporary Artwork Including Artistic Books

As you may know, the Imitate Modern is a gallery that specialises in connecting art enthusiasts and investors who champion contemporary artists with the artists who are changing the art sphere in the 21st century. 

We constantly update our online shop so you can see which famous contemporary artworks we currently house at our London art gallery. And sometimes, you may find some collections of books artwork among these pieces for sale at Imitate Modern. 

Of course, we can also source you your ideal pieces or books from our represented artists, so please get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly gallerists to discuss which incredible work you would like to own next. 

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