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Imitate Modern features a curated selection of creators in the contemporary arts. From Arman, to Finn Stone, to Half a Roast Chicken among others—our artists are driving the conversation in the London scene and beyond. These are emerging and established voices chosen for their ability to reimagine what art can do. They merge talent with an eye for what’s next. They unite a unique perspective with a honed talent for striking visuals. 

These are artists for the contemporary art gallery London has been waiting for: willing to take risks, never willing to compromise. The vision of our artists is our priority. Making their stunning work available to you is our business.


Trending Contemporary Art for Sale

We offer famous artwork and new voices in our online store. These are high quality prints of Imitate Modern’s collection, shipped directly to your door with world class customer support. It’s like browsing the contemporary art museum London will have in the future, but you can buy the pieces now. These are works that are changing the landscape of the culture. Get them before it’s too late.

View our collection of art for sale by our cutting edge artists. Find your next head turning print right here at Imitate Modern.


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Read through articles on famous artworks, new talents and the next big thing in the art scene. These aren’t info-dumps. These aren’t puff pieces. These are words that bite into the art world and don’t let go. It’s a selection of informative and provocative articles—the kind of topics you’d expect from Imitate Modern.

We bring you the ideas that are shaping the way we think about culture, always with a finger on the pulse of contemporary art. Read at your enjoyment, and at your own risk.