5 World Famous Photographers You Should Know About

Since the first photograph was captured in 1826, many famous photographers have graced the walls of numerous galleries and homes across the world. It may seem like anyone these days can grab a camera for a few hundred pounds, click and button and call themselves a photographer. Still, the skill of creating a lasting impact through this art medium is something only a handful have successfully managed. These five masters of their craft show how diverse the photography industry can be through their unique way of evoking a vast array of emotions within a viewer and having a lasting impact on the way you view society. 

List of Photographers

Discover the top photographers of the last few decades and get inspired by their work. 

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Tyler Shields

As a London-based fine art gallery, you may be surprised to know that we also represent American photographers, including the celebrated Tyler Shields. Shields may be as American as they come and a far cry from the place Imitate Modern calls home in Shepherd Market. However, as a gallery that reflects London’s diverse nature, we proudly represent him and his work. 

As one of the celebrity portrait professionals who has seen A-list stars through the eyes of his lens, Tyler has a reputation for showing people in a new light, shaking up the media and injecting his bold personality into his art. He is known for using wild animals, blood and risk to command attention and go where few before him have wondered. 

Tyler Shields startling work is most suitable for in-person viewings, considering the shock factor he portrays. However, if you are interested in learning more about the artist that pushes the boundaries of art, we have collected a selection of his most notable work for you to view online

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David Bailey

Perhaps someone with one of the longest track records as one of the best photographers in history is David Bailey. As one of the first and most famous portrait photographers, David has had the opportunity to capture the likes of Jean Shrimpton, The Beatles, Twiggy and Andy Warhol. Through his work in fashion and working with celebrities of the decade, Bailey was an influential artist that helped mould the lasting culture of the ‘swinging sixes’. 

Queen Elizabeth II has commemorated his work, and he has received countless awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from New York’s International Center of Photography. 

Taschen offers an array of the best photography ever printed in books from several artists. The books they publish collate the works by many photographers, including David Bailey and other famous photographers mentioned in this index. 

Read more about David Bailey’s background and his outstanding photography career that shook the industry in the sixties. 

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Daniel Sachon 

Among other modern photographers, we represent British image maker and creative director Daniel Sachon. Daniel’s youthful mind and natural artistic eye combined with his curation and art advisory experience see Sachon make waves in the industry through practising a multi-disciplinary approach to photography. 

His work seems timeless as he uses his pieces to uncover the late 20th century and captive the feeling of nostalgia. However, he is most known for his photography of feminine fashion and portraits with a sense of glamour and allure. 

Marvel at a collection of Sachon’s work on his website.

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Nobuyoshi Araki

Tokyo born professional photographer Nobuyoshi has on multiple occasions left the public with wide eyes and their bottom jaw on the floor, due to his erotic photography that balances precariously on a tightrope between art and porn. His work encompasses subjects of female genitalia, bondage and Tokyo sex clubs, often also being portrayed in black and white for a casual approach.

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Mairi-Luise Tabbakh

Another erotic photographer worth knowing about is Mairi-Luise Tabbakh. Her work explores femininity and often shows women in stereotypically feminine, curve-accentuating outfits with more masculine associate props, such as handguns, to add a level of intrigue through the juxtaposition of the pairings. Tabbakh’s work is easily recognisable in a gallery for her mysterious style and black and white tone. 

Where To View Popular Photographs Online 

Although we could talk about these artists backgrounds and notable modern photography for days on end, nothing says it better than the artists work. After all, a picture says a thousand words. 

To view the art by the contemporary photographers mentioned in this article, head to the Imitate Modern gallery where you can browse through our collection of represented painters, famous photographers, sculptors and printmakers. 

If you are interested in viewing a large collection of photography, you may also wish to check out Taschen. Taschen Publishing showcase some of the best photographs in the world in a variety of niches, including architecture and design, art, travel, and cars. 

Uncover more information about the history of Taschen Publishing and get to know their specialities

How To Purchase Famous Photography

Are you ready to transform your home or office into a space to showcase a piece of awe-inspiring contemporary artwork that breaks down the stigmas of the modern world? The contemporary artist photography for sale on the Imitate Modern Shop might be just the ticket and offer you a chance to express a piece that challenges the status quo of the modern age. 

When you purchase from Imitate Modern, you will own a part of an artists history and one of the famous photos that redefine the contemporary artwork industry. We represent acclaimed, award-winning photographers and emerging talent, so whether you are in the market to invest in a piece by an artist who has stoof the test of time or want to be ahead of the trends and display the quality work by an up and coming photographer, our intimate team of experts can help you choose the right piece for you. 

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