5 Reasons The Imitate Modern Is The Art Exhibition London Has Been Craving

The city of London brings together people from all over the world and unites them through the capital’s busy streets and fast-paced life. Stepping into an art exhibition London is like falling into an escape in the city, allowing you a moment of rest bite before heading back to your hectic life. Get lost in the art and let your mind wander over the possibilities of the pieces while allowing your emotions free reign to feel as they please while you gaze upon the artwork. 

We know you have your pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing to visit one of the fabulous art exhibitions London has to offer, so here are all the top reasons why you should visit Imitate Modern on your next visit North of the river in central London. 

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Top Reasons To Attend Imitate Modern’s New Exhibitions

  • Emerging and Established Artists in One Place

Just as London encapsulates the wonders of many different cultures and reflects the city’s diverse population, the Imitate Modern gallery is all about showcasing artists from different backgrounds and bringing their work together in our urban contemporary exhibitions in London. We exhibit artists who are just hatchlings in their art career alongside well-established artists whose names are starting to make their way around London. 

Browse the selection of artists we are showcasing as one of the few multi-artist exhibitions London has, with an accurate representation of global artists at all stages in their careers. 

Some of the astounding artists currently on display at the Imitate Modern’s Exhibition London:

  • Tyler Shields is an American photographer who captivates attention with his eye-catching controversial pieces that often incorporate an element of suggested danger or risk. 
  • Taschen offers a collection of contemporary art books, including works on the city of London and bringing photographs of the Queen to life. 
  • Mairi-Luise Trabbakh is best known for their erotic photography that explores sensuality and femininity. 
  • Sara Pope is best known for her bold, vibrant paintings of luscious lips in a contemporary pop style to enhance the allure and seductive nature of the mouth. 
  • David Bailey’s work in fashion photography has been at the forefront of portrait work for decades. He is best known for his black and white images of celebrities, artists, models and musicians, including Kate Moss, The Rolling Stones, The Beetles, Francis Bacon, and Jean Shrimpton. 

There is also work from the astounding Cartrain, Dimitri Likissas, Dian Hanson, Romero Britto, Henry Hate, Metin Salah, Nobuyoshi Araki, Illuminati Neon, and Mr. Brainwash.

  • Enjoy Art in Many Different Medium 

When experiencing art, London is one of the best places to start. London unites people from diverse backgrounds, and we seek to emulate this accepting energy in our new gallery. Our exhibitions include a mix of work from photography to paintings to limited edition prints and sculpture, bringing together a vast array of different mediums to create the exhibition without limits London has been yearning for. 

  • Meet Like-Minded People at London Art Exhibitions

Combine your mutual love of art and expression to connect with like-minded individuals at an Imitate modern exhibition in London. Set a date to join us at one of our upcoming events and share your feelings on the pieces with other attendees and our friendly gallery associates. 

Not only can you discuss the work of our artists showcasing at the events, but you may also be able to network with interesting people. We often find our events are a great way to bring people together. Many of our event attendees have made connections with others and visited one of the historical museums in London or attended thought-provoking dinners. 

  • Exhibitions Across London

After establishing ourselves in our much-loved location in Shepherd Market Square in Mayfair, we moved to a new residency on Charterhouse Street, just a few minutes walk from the Barbican station. However, we are still very much in the heart of the city, and we regularly host exhibitions in Chelsea, Mayfair and Shoreditch. 

Most notably, Imitate Modern have been fortunate enough to represent renowned London based street artist STIK, where their collection sold up in under 8 minutes! Additionally, we have recently collaborated with Sotheby’s to put on a fabulous exhibition to show off the daring photography work from Tyler Shields at his debut exhibition with an auction house. 

  • Choose Contemporary Artwork for Your Home

Feast your eyes on the modern artwork we have in our current exhibition in London or create your own personal art gallery in your own space with a piece of art for your home or workplace. 

These carefully selected pieces showcase our represented artists work and can bring a sense of life and energy to your walls. The artists have created these daring pieces to stand out and evoke emotion while giving the viewer a new sense of how to see the world around them. 

Some of our most popular pieces include:

Browse the full selection of artwork available for home delivery in our shop today.

Visit Imitate Modern

We are brimming with excitement to show you around our unique London exposition. If we have never had the pleasure of hosting you at one of our London exhibitions, please grace us this opportunity to show you what we are all about and guide you through the artwork at one of our upcoming exhibitions in London.

If you have any questions about visiting our gallery, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange your visit or discuss the urban contemporary artwork you can take home to liven up your home.

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