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‘Romeo, Romeo! Drop me a 📍’ – our favourite moments from the Private View!

On The Stage now, ‘Romeo, Romeo! Drop me a 📍 ‘celebrating the legacy of William Shakespeare and our home in Shoreditch

On September 19th, John Paul Fauves, Sara Pope and Dimitri Likissas took ‘The Stage’ by storm for IM’s newest exhibition ‘Romeo, Romeo! Drop me a Pin’. Never before exhibiting together, these artists were commissioned to create works inspired by our new gallery space on Fairchild Place. In this place, over 400 years ago, stood the Curtain Theatre where William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Hamlet’ (and where he was a neighbor, Shakespeare lived close).

The Curtain theater was built in 1577, during the Elizabethan era, and named because of its proximity to a plot of land called ‘Curtain Close’. A common misconception is that it was  named  the ‘Curtain Theater’ to relate to the curtains used in modern theater. However, ‘Curtain Close’ and ultimately the ‘Curtain Theater’ got its name because of its closeness to the City Walls of London. When the remains of the theater were discovered in 2012, archaeologists also discovered evidence of a tunnel within the theater grounds and multiple artefacts such as ceramic boxes (used for collecting admission fees), a ceramic bird whistle, a small statue of Bacchus and beads that were likely used for decoration of costumes. 

Surrounded by this rich history, Imitate Modern and the Tax Collection (New York City) curated a show to celebrate not only the creative and cultural legacy of Shoreditch, but that of England’s National Poet, William Shakespeare. To do this, IM and Tax invited artists John Paul Fauves, Sara Pope, and Dimitri Likissas to create a contemporary narrative inspired by ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Hamlet’. 

Dimitri Likissas in his pointillist style created new age portraits of Shakespeare, Romeo, Juliet and icons of their doomed love. With her bold and realistic lip painting and neons, Sara Pope’s lip portraits tell the story of passion and all its potential.  Fracturing the portraits of icons past and present, John Paul Fauves newly created monumental canvases telling the story of Shakespeare’s life and the influence of his words. 

Sponsored by Galliard Homes, whose preliminary  digs uncovered the forgotten theatre, this exhibition introduced the new showrooms within the Galliard Marketing Suite designed by interior designer Nicola Fontanella; Fontanella’s portfolio includes designing the homes of Naomi Campbell and Madonna. 

Featured in Town & Country , ‘Romeo, Romeo! Drop me a Pin’ will be on view until 19 of October.  

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