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Thomas Webb: Artwork decoded.

Futurama 02.05.2019 – 30.05.2019

With just 10 days remaining of  FUTURAMA, showing at our brand new gallery space in Shoreditch. We are giving our online viewers a deeper insight into some of Thomas Webb’s most questioned pieces of the exhibition so far. 




Food Bank


Designed to highlight the relationship between poverty in the third world, and gluttony in the first world. The first numbers shown are the number of people that have died today from world hunger in real time, the second, longer number is the amount of money spent on weight loss programs today in the U.S. in real time, minus the money required to feed all of the people depicted through the previous number. These two numbers juxtaposed attempt to convey the severity of the global wealth gap.



Legalize Us


Utilizing real time data with the key word “weed” on Twitter – Webb comments on the absurdity of regional legalization – how someone in California is able to legally purchase marijuana, while others across the world are still being incarcerated and persecuted for this “drug”. Webb has “hacked” Twitter and removes the identity of the sender, while instantly grabbing the most recent tweet worldwide containing the key word “weed” – this effectively removes the gender, race and culture of the sender and creates a unilateral position on the legalization of marijuana.




Infinity Mirrors: (Dreams/Nightmares, a.d.h.d, Algorithm)


With these works, Webb strives to bring the viewer “into a dimension that has never been seen before”. By utilising hand drawn graphics and a custom built physics engine, the artist has essentially created “his own laws of gravity” allowing these visuals to cascade and bounce across the screens at a random, infinite pattern. These visuals are embedded in a core computer housed in an aluminum frame and steel chasse / glass.



This lightsaber sparks violently in real-time, when one hectare of forest is cut down as a result of deforestation. Data is dynamically collected from the most recent global studies.

This sabre shows the rate at which the human race is negatively affecting the planet. It’s connected to the internet and flashes each time one hectare of forest is cut down due to deforestation, in real-time, a more civilised chainsaw.

Deforestation is a complex issue that is often clouded by political influence. The title is a quote from Star Wars when Vader is trying to convince the ‘political’ leaders of the Empire that the Death Star is a ‘technological terror’ and that it’s power is nothing compared to the force. 



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By Stephany Winnie Malcolm

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