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Get to Know: Eve De Haan

To celebrate our newest event FUTURAMA, taking place at our brand NEW GALLERY space in Shoreditch. We will be getting to know each of our artists in the run up to the show, opening May 2. Here’s EVE DE HAAN!


“It’s a really nice celebration of young artists. Young London based artists all working with technology or neon, which is lovely.” – Eve De Haan



Eve De Haan, otherwise known as Half a Roast Chicken is a London-based artist whose love of the written word can be felt through her nostalgic creations. Exhibiting her work across Europe and America, Eve’s curious nature is expressed predominantly through her neon works. And while her degree in Theology may seem unexpected, it has arguably been the catalyst of her creations and the connection between unusual objects and the lyrical text that appear over them.

De-Haan’s talents have no limitation, the enthustastic creator has written, illustrated and self-published a children’s book titled “Bob the Dog” in 2016, in addition to interior design projects and worldly collaborations. And now with an established body of installations that examine the concepts of change to add into the mix, she has wonderfully achieved to marry the imprint of technology with once sentimental items. A perfect fit for ‘Futurama’ showing at Imitate Modern, May 2. 


“A lot of my artwork is a marriage between old and new, so I get old objects and put new neon with them. I put them together to highlight how beautiful old things are.” – Eve De Haan


In 2017 her work was exhibited in the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, and though her creations are provocative and challenging; the concepts of gender roles, the gradients and shades of meaning within a statement can be seen in artworks like “POWER” and “Be Humane”. However her love of  ‘normal’ objects can be felt, too. ‘The Princess Royal” is a piece made from a pub sign that had burnt down previously. Eve finds neon ‘an ideal medium’ to explore the changeable nuances within the words so readily used in society today. 



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By Stephany Winnie Malcolm

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