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Get to Know: Lauren Baker

To celebrate our newest event FUTURAMA, taking place at our brand NEW GALLERY space in Shoreditch. We will be getting to know each of our artists in the run up to the show, opening May 2. We want to share everything – from their innovative projects, to their enlightening pasts. Here’s LAUREN BAKER!


***SNEAK PEAK*** Futurama 02/05/2019

LAUREN BAKER: “Group shows are interesting because the artists interpret the theme differently and the artworks complement or contrast to tell a visual story.” 


As a contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits internationally. Lauren Baker’s memorising work inventively explores the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life and other dimensions. In addition to the sensory satisfaction that beams from her work; Lauren remains strong in her aim – raising the vibration and connection within the world.


What cannot be denied about Lauren in both her life  experiences and creative artwork thus far, is her intense passion. Can this be all traced back to a pivotal moment in 2012? Perhaps. Lauren began her career as an artist after a life-changing trip to South America…”Since taking part in ceremonies in the Peruvian amazon I had an epiphany that I was an artist and I’ve been engulfed in creation ever since” speaking to the Metro.


Her journey has pushed the artist in mastering various mediums and techniques; at the dawn of her artistic-awakening, Lauren joined a mosaic street-art project in Brazil while taking part in ceremonies with Shamans in the the dense amazonian jungle, fearless. It makes a vast change her ‘pretty hedonistic lifestyle’ before. Is it possible that these experiences contributed in the manifestation of success in her much loved charity work? We think so, too. Immaculate is her effortless ability to mesh  passions for urgent causes into artistic wonder. Her artwork and collaborations (THRIVE) have collectively raised over £90k for charity, and she remains an ambassador for Save Wild Tigers (donate here.)


The Crystal Tigress; a sculpted life-size tiger head encrusted with 52,000 crystals, which toured Asia, and was endorsed by Jimmy Choo and Jaime Winstone, fetched £30,000 at the tiger conservation charity auction for Save Wild Tigers.


Lauren’s intrigue orbits around the afterlife, portals to other dimensions, and visually interpreting unseen energy is contagious. Her neon works,which will be shown at Futurama May 2 offer exploration into how art is constantly evolving through digital and physical mediums, resulting in advances in technology and technique – and we cannot wait to see how this is expressed through Lauren’s vision.

Lauren Baker has exhibited at the V&A, Tate, Unknown Festival, Croatia, the Sanderson and much more. See all of her exhibitions here.

7 Things you’ll regret not knowing about Lauren Baker before ‘Futurama’



1. Lauren listens to sound frequencies and gets in a meditative state to digitally paint auras and energy


2.  Her limited edition ‘you blow my mind’ screen prints sold out in just 24 hours…


3. After reading a book called The Power Of Now, she suddenly quit her job and set off on an adventure to South America!


4. Lauren gets ideas when she meditates and also through her dreams.


5. Lauren’s work sold for £420,000 to an Sheikh in Qatar. Look at this Steinway grand piano encrusted with half a million crystals.






For more information about Lauren Baker’s artwork, please contact




By Stephany Winnie Malcolm

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