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What’s New…York: SCOPE 2019 details


Yes, Imitate Modern is heading to SCOPE 2019. And we are bringing John Paul Fauves. If you do not already know we will be returning to SCOPE but this time in NYC – Chelsea at the Metropolitan Pavilion for it`s 19th edition of the fair this year, commencing March 7 – 10 2019, Booth 103.


Who? This year, Imitate modern will be joined by non other than John Paul Fauves. The artist whose spiritual journey has led him down avenues of pain, expression and mind-consuming awakening. His explosive approach to imagery and authenticity is brilliantly questioned through his subjects, use of colour and sometimes violent techniques. The contrast between his provoking artworks and openness to the human disposition, may find you too wondering down paths that you may otherwise have not. One thing is clear however – it is a great deal of effort to ignore the statements that cry from his works. We feel that New York City is the perfect place to do something that has never been done before.. for both John Paul Fauves and our gallery.






IMITATE MODERN will be presenting never before seen artworks from John Paul Fauves, including some masks. Identity and masks are ideas that underpin much of John Paul Fauves works and they way in which he thinks. His existing works reference prosopagnosia or face blindness, particularly in the dysfunction of self-recognition in one’s reflection of the human psyche and search for identity. Fauves’ masquerades behind his perception of the soul via masks, almost wearing his body inside out. His style  fragments of different iconic images in vivid and colourful compositions in an experimental way.


This year at SCOPE 2019, Fauves is daring to go further with idea with the idea of identity and masks in his first ever experimental performance. Placed in a plexiglass cage filled with Cheetos®, the artist will appear for 1 hour only (7th March 7 – 8 pm) to question the ideas of self, in a way that immerses himself into his art.


Although extremely expressive, Fauves who has previously battled with depression, drug addiction and his own mind, never usually attends his shows. He finds peace when he is creating his works away from the demands of people and the attention of others, which can often induce anxieties. What the artist is hoping to channel is a physical representation of the persona. We are all en-caged in some way, right? Whether we may be aware of it or not. Through the windows of the glass, you are invited to come closer to understanding the answers to those questions. But these answers may not come through words, but through feelings and expressions.


The experience with the artist will be multi-dimensional. The audience (who will also have the option of wearing a mask) will get the opportunity to receive the questions that we often ask ourselves: Who are we? Who am I? How do I feel? And how do people see me? As John Paul Fauves is separated from the audience by the cage, or what one might compare in walking life, the persona – we will be able to see how he connects to these feeling of separation, innocence and complete authenticity in a safe and protected space.


WHY Cheetos® ?


“Eat your Cheetos to the bag! ( the study of the no profile picture )” –  Follow John Paul Fauves on Instagram


It is clear that within John Paul Fauves work, consumerism is an idea that cannot be missed . With icons from Disney and unstoppable fashion brands like Nike and Adidas, Fauves plays with the idea of  identity in dreamlike expressions. Although unusual, the brand Cheetos® perfectly accompanies what Fauves is depicting. The multi billion dollar company’s slogan: “what do you see in your cheetos?” –  contrasts to other slogans like “Just Do it” “Impossible is Nothing” and “The Perfect Body”, often implementing their own ideas of success and desires to their audience. But “what do you see…?” has arguably opened up the consumer to be their own expression of creation and desire. Like gazing in the clouds, “what do you see?” opens possibilities – you can never be wrong. Fauves en-caged and masked, surrounded by Cheetos also identifies with comfort and innocence.

The plexiglass cage will remain at Imitate Modern’s booth between 7 – 10 March. Ticket Holders will be able to experience the experiment for themselves. Exclusive prints and originals from Fauves Mickey series will also be available to purchase. Please contact for further details.



John Paul Fauves and his collections have been featured by the likes of: VOGUE, Forbes, HypeBeast, Schön! Magazine, FUSED Magazine and many more. Click here for all features.




By Stephany Winnie Malcolm

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