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Top 5 Facts on our Pop Rockers

Pop Rocks Exhibition, Imitate Modern Gallery, London

Pop Rocks
With our latest show just around the corner we thought we’d give you a little breakdown on featured artists Henry Hate and Rich Simmons. Scroll down for our Top 5 Interesting facts about our Pop Rockers! 


Henry Hate

Henry Hate, Pop Rocks exhibition, Imitate Modern Gallery, London.

  1. Henry Hate, also known as Henry Martinez Jr, was born in Orange, California and moved to London in 1998. 
  2. Hate’s favourite materials to work with are pencil, gouache and acrylic and digital mediums such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  3. Well known for tattooing legendary celebrities and most notably Amy Winehouse, Hate says regarding her iconic pin-up tattoo on her right arm: “…But I will never do the pin-up image on anyone else. I do give people her autograph or the two hearts that used to be on her shoulder. I always have to ask myself if Amy would have approved”
  4. He has an English Bulldog and Victorian Olde Tyme Bulldog mix named Maybelline, who he got from a Bulldog rescue.
  5. Hate is currently an Ambassador to the Amy Winehouse foundation. 

Browse Henry’s available work here


Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons, Pop Rocks Exhibition, Imitate Modern Gallery, London.

  1. A self-taught artist, he has exhibited in galleries all over the world in places such as Geneva, Tampa, London, New York and Los Angeles. 
  2. In March of 2018, Simmons sold one of his works for £52,000.00 at a Christie’s charity auction with all proceeds going to the charity Gracious Hearts UK. 
  3. He rose to prominence in 2011 when he depicted the soon-to-be married Prince William and  Kate Middleton as Sid and Nancy (Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen). 
  4. Simmons describes his work as “street art archeology”, saying:  “I use reclaimed billboards in my work to make each piece unique and create a texture in which to paint on that comes from the street. I’m therefore using pieces of the street to make art which is my roundabout way of transitioning from street art to gallery art. I get ripped-down billboards and take them back to my studio and painstakingly soak them in water and pull the layers apart, revealing hidden colors and textures from advertising that I will paste to a canvas to create my backgrounds for the stencils to go on. 
  5. His dream place to create one of his iconic murals? “…but my dream would be Tokyo. I fell in love with Japan when I went there last year and would love to go back and leave my mark on Tokyo with some of my art.”

Browse Rich’s available work here


Visit our show ‘Pop Rocks’
18th May – 8th June 2018
19 Shepherd Market, London, W1J 7PJ


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