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Artist in Focus: CB Hoyo

CB Hoyo What Is This Imitate Modern

Over the coming months we will be presenting our ‘Artists in Focus’ series, taking a closer look at each of our artists, their achievements, exhibitions and most popular artworks, as well as some new releases!





Warhol Royalty by CB Hoyo Buy at Imitate Modern Gallery London
CB Hoyo – Warhol Royalty


‘Born in Cuba but raised in Dominican Republic, CB Hoyo is the hidden gem from Latin America you need to know about. His work is a colorful satire of society, with a point of view you might have never heard of– Vendome Magazine


A self-trained artist, CB Hoyo was born in Havana, Cuba. At a young age, he immigrated to the Dominican Republic, and now lives in Europe. CB Hoyo’s artistic process began as a child, when he started to interpret life in a different way and apply his perception to his paintings. Fresh, colourful and fun are the three words easily used to describe his work.  Over the past few years his work has increased in stature.  

CB Hoyo - The Richer I Am The Less People Will Question My Fake Rothko, Moniker Art Fair 2017, Imitate Modern Gallery, London
CB Hoyo – The Richer I Am The Less People Will Question My Fake Rothko


“I started painting before I could walk” 

CB Hoyo opened art up to the masses and commented on its treatment of artwork almost as a currency, to be bought and sold. Eliminating the human nature of currencies and contemplating uniqueness behind faces, the adaptation of each currency’s figures leaves viewers with an introspective thought of just how much the faces of money have been internalised and in turn ignored by society. CB Hoyo merges the iconic patterns of major brands with those iconic patterns of interesting countries. Again he begs us to question, where does the value of art and currency come from? Working with any medium on any material, the artist uses a mixture of historical trends but aways incorporates his unique twist. 


Some more examples of his work:

CB Hoyo, Imitate Modern Gallery, London
CB Hoyo – Make me famous and I’ll make you rich


CB Hoyo - Fake & Depressing Love Life, Imitate Modern Gallery, London
CB Hoyo – Fake & Depressing Love Life


CB Hoyo, Haters Will Say This Hirst Is Fake, Limited Edition Print, Imitate Modern Gallery
CB Hoyo – Fake Hirst


CB Hoyo - Fake Warhols Imitate Modern
CB Hoyo – Fake Warhols


“Art must be one of a kind, but what’s also beautiful about the world of art is that people can see it and appreciate it everywhere around the world. It would make me so happy if my message could reach more places.” – CB Hoyo


To find out more about CB Hoyo, click on the links below:

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