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Artist in Focus: Cartain

Cartrain - I Went to Disneyland and All I Got Was This Cigar (Cuba Che Guevara), Moniker Art Fair 2017, Imitate Modern Gallery, London

Over the coming months we will be presenting our ‘Artists in Focus’ series, taking a closer look at each of our artists, their achievements, exhibitions and most popular artworks, as well as some new releases!


Cartrain is a British street artist associated with the graffiti urban art movement, offering a social commentary on important figures from the realm of politics and arts, such as George Bush, Kim Jong-un and Andy Warhol. He is best known for his daring moves and controversial works on the street art scene, having explored over 150 buildings without permission since 2009. His works are usually responses to events; often political, social or international. One of his most popular controversial moments was his interactions with Damien Hurt. Cartrain describes himself as “The most East of London artists.” Starting out in Brick Lane, he is now a distinct artist in the London’s street art scene. 

This is one of his most famous pieces:

Individual prints, sold in multiple colours


Cartrain emerged on the London street art scene with a series of mischievous incidents, such as infiltrating his work into national portrait gallery and the Tate Modern, sparking the attention of many media outlets. Cartrain gained attention of the media in 2008 over a copyright fight with an artist named Damien Hirst, who demanded action to be taken over Cartrains work containing images of his magnificent sculpture ‘For The Love of God’, which resulted in Cartrain forfeiting the money he made from the piece. Some of his most famous and distinctive pieces include his series of King Jong Un, George Bush and Queen Elizabeth. Cartrain is also known for his heavy weight art world enemies, but also his friends. Gilbert and George are known to be supporters of his work as well as Banksy, who has presented the artist with his own signed work. 

Centrepoint charity is the charity that helped Cartrain through homelessness and placed him in a hostel after he was left homeless back in December 2014. Cartrain auctioned one of his most famous works, Gilbert & George collage, in December 2016 to help raise funds for Centrepoint’s new helpline.

“Centrepoint saved me when I was in a really bad place. Sleeping rough is horrible. It’s not something I think anyone should have to do.”

Some more examples of his works:

Individual Prints, sold in multiple colours
Cartrain – Psycho


Individual prints sold, sold in multiple colours.


Cartrain – Corporate conspiracy
Comments (1)
  1. BUBBA2000 says:

    Have known this guy (through online, never met in person) and his work for bloody years and can honest say that in the vacuous twat soup that is street art he’s always shone as the chrispy croton of goodness with his fresh, brash and irreverent style that never fails to put a smile on my, and many other peoples faces. Never afraid to stick it to “The Man” this guys does what HE wants, never conforming to what’s hip right now, safe in the knowledge that he’s staying true to himself!

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