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Artists in Process


We hope you are enjoying the British summer, we have certainly enjoyed the three sunny days of it. A few summer updates:

There has definitely been a lot going on in the art world of London in the past couple of months. June has started with the opening of Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, where our very own Oliver Dunsch has an artwork exhibited, which you can find in the photography section.

Oliver Dunsch

End of June celebrated the opening of Tate Modern’s Switch House, from the viewing platform of which we have spotted a blue Stik canvas.


Have you ever wondered how the pieces that you see in the galleries come together, and what tools and techniques do the artists use in order to achieve the effect that they want to see on the piece?

In this blog post we want to give you a little more insight into the creative process of the artists that we represent.

Edward Ball

You may have seen his piece Rhythm (Incredible Sound) at our summer pop-up exhibition RHYTHM this June. Ed Ball uses a drip technique that was also used by Jackson Pollock in order to achieve a think layer of contrasting colours in his abstract piece. Some of his previous artwork creations have been performed in front of live audiences. Ed has documented the creation of this particular piece, Rhythm, in his blog post.

As the music started building I was firmly in the zone, then all hell broke loose with the music, and consequently my painting! I think it was when  ‘Spacefunk’ by Digital dropped,  I just remember going berserk! It was a total outpouring of primitive expression. I was being swept along with the savagely reconstructed amen break, thudding base, and that trance inducing high pitched monotone echo cutting through the mix.  Now, now I was the music, it was leading me, throwing me around with its power, like a ship in a stormy sea.  I’m just holding on and riding it out with controlled adrenalin and exhilaration, I was now painting without thought or fear! This is where I had dreamt of being, and it was happening to me for the first time, it was the perfect storm.


Lukas Avalon

Lukas Avalon, Monegasque street artist based in Monaco, has recently joined the cast of British reality TV show Made in Chelsea, and has documented the creation of a piece in video, where he is helped by his fellow cast members Francis Boulle and Alex Mytton. The background in his work is usually achieved through graffiti-like spraying of paint, and on top of that Lukas adds his own stencils.

Tyler Shields

Hollywood’s favourite photographer (GQ) Tyler Shields, luckily for us, has exhaustingly documented the creation of his photography series on video. From shooting with alligators, to shooting underwater, to blowing up a Rolls Royce in a desert, Tyler isn’t afraid to go to extremes to get that perfect shot. You can find more videos on his YouTube profile.

Paul Oz

Paul Oz, the explosive portrait artist, has been a guest of many F1 races, being a huge fan of the sport. His artworks are often inspired by his personal obsessions (and sometimes commissioned by the likes of Kanye West), and he has numerously live painted during the races to raise money for charities. Paul’s paintings are exceptional for having a very thick layer of paint, sometimes adding up to a thickness of 2 cm – a visual effect that gives the artwork a heavier and more noted presence, spectacularly highlighting every little detail.

See One

New York street artist See One‘s self-taught technique is inspired by comic books, Japanese animation and the colourful graffiti of the late 80s and 90s. He shares the adventures of his original character, a mischievous mythical dragon Miru, through the walls of New York and Instagram.


A video posted by See One (@seeoneart) on


A video posted by See One (@seeoneart) on

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