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It’s all about RHYTHM! Last night’s launch and who’s who in the exhibition


A look back at last night…

Thank you to all who joined us last night at the launch of our latest exhibition RHYTHM!

It was a fantastic evening filled with an eclectic mix of inspiring art, live music performances and art enthusiasts.

We are pleased to bring together this array of artworks for our first group show of 2016, featuring a selection of established artists alongside those we are excited to be showing for the very first time.

RHYTHM is here to start the summer with an explosive mix of colour, disciplines and styles, united by the central theme of music and encapsulated in the show’s dramatic title piece Rhythm (incredible sound) by Ed Ball.

In aiming to bring rhythm into the visual realm, our diverse selection of artworks pays homage to legends of music industry including PrinceDavid Bowie, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Equally importantly, we celebrate the rhythm of everyday life, as well as the vitality and universality of music that unites and inspires us all.

We would like to thank those who were part of the event last night: DJ Blonde Ambition on the decks, with Dani Al-Zraykat performing guitar and Katie Raban singing during the evening. And as ever, the brilliant BEAT sponsoring the bar.

For more information on the exhibition, or to download your catalogue, visit the website here.

Read on for an introduction to some of the artists and artworks exhibited in this collection.

You can view the full photo album
from the launch here.




Top: Jacqui Brantjes Pittack, Katie Raban, Edward Ball, Gemma Murray
Bottom: Triana Terry, Paul Oz and Ashley Rood, Henry Hate, Anna Kovaleva and Riia Carnegie


Introducing the artists:

Ed Ball in front of Rhythm (incredible sound), 2005

RHYTHM is encapsulated in the show’s title piece by Ball, whose unique style is created through a technique of ‘painting music’. The colours, lines and movement within Ball’s works are inspired by specific songs and albums, which he paints along to, visually representing the rhythm and beat with breathtaking results. Considered the pivotal work in his career, Rhythm was created while immersed in Goldie’s ‘Incredible Sound of Drum ‘n’ Bass”.

“A bit like when you are dancing to an amazing track, you are with the groove and you just don’t care because you are lost in the sound, beat, and rhythm! … It just all came together for me with this piece, on this special day I discovered the cathartic experience of painting to music. That day I lost myself in paint music and colour”

– Ed Ball

Triana Terry in front of All The World’s a Stage – Rhona Cameron, 2016
Cody Choi in front of Gama #0, 2015
Mairi-Luise Tabbakh in front of Ha Anh Vu, 2014
Henry Hate beside Diva Las Vegas, 2015

Tattoo and visual artist Hate has long been a favourite of celebrities including Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Boy George and Pete Doherty, giving him a unique insight and experience of the music industry and some of its biggest stars. Hate’s progression from body to fine and pop art has seen him become highly collectable, setting himself apart from the crowd with pieces such as ‘Diva Las Vegas’.

Oliver Dunsch in front of Found It, 2015
Day-Z in front of Dear oh Dear, 2016
George Morton-Clark in front of Waking Up With a Shudder, 2015

and A Pocket Full of Roses, 2016

Rich Simmons in front of Rooftop Lovers, 2016
Paul Oz in front of Queen Jack 90th, 2016

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