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Sebastian Muller

Sebastian Muller is a London-based, multi-media based artist from the Rheinland, which is hailed for its distinguished art reputation. His work manifests the multi-faceted and material transformation of our modern society, depicting his talent in a variety of unique, unprecedented ways. As opposed to focusing on one medium, Sebastian is inspired by his everyday surroundings and the chosen medium is consequently adopted to visually express it in the most effective form. 

Having chosen to discontinue his studies at Cass Art School, Muller’s primary focus and ambition is to bring us together creative, artistic minds to revolutionise the art world’s boundaries and create a fresh, ever-changing art movement. 

“Everything I artistically want to accomplish is to capture the moment and not to take anything for granted. I’d rather regret the things I have done rather than the things I haven’t”. Sebastian Muller

Sebastian’s most established works are his Bow and Arrow series, conceptualised from the method of problem solving that is characterised by varied, repeated attempts of creating something to your satisfaction. The result is a vibrant, kaleidoscopic piece, which is enhanced by the sheer aluminium background. Using a bow and painted arrow to create a unique, structured piece, his work promises for an interesting viewer experience and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. 

Sebastian has also been working on a Bonze and Steel series. The concept behind the series links back to a Gentlemen’s knowledge. To recognise a Swiss made watch, a true gentleman doesn’t have to read the brands name on the dial. On the other hand, it is easily recognised by a glimpse to the wrist by its shape and form. Every piece in this series is signed on the arm and based on a Granit stone. 


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