Kate Moss ’40’ Anniversary


One year since Kate Moss’s 40th birthday, and we remember it like it was yesterday with Russell Marshall presenting his highly anticipated ’40’ Retrospective to an overflowing gallery last January.

From Moss newly emerging as a model, to more recent photographs of fashion’s reigning queen, the ten images chosen by Marshall tell the story of the world’s most photographed face. Reminding us of Moss’s humble beginnings, changing the face of the fashion industry, Marshall’s retrospective was complemented with quotes on the gallery walls, documenting Moss’s ascendancy to the throne.

Combining his creative flair with journalistic background, the colour-ways used for these vibrant artworks are inspired by the CMYK colour printing techniques employed by newspaper printers. Each image of Kate Moss was designed in ten colour ways, creating ten series of ten unique images, with entire sets selling out on the opening night.

This exhibition also gained the attention of the worldwide press, to read just some of the reviews, please click on the links below:
The Telegraph

The exhibition proved instantly popular, with fans travelling from as far as Japan and Sweden to visit the gallery and pay homage to Moss, so we are extremely excited to revisit these images a year later.

A small selection of the original screen prints and limited edition prints are still available for sale – please click here to view these in our online shop

If you have any questions about these Kate Moss artworks, or investing in Russell Marshall, please contact the gallery via telephone +44 (0)20 7486 9927 or email, please click here or email info@imitatemodern.com

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KATE1 Circa 1988kate9-circa-2011

KATE4 Circa 1996

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An ACID Trip


For the second time this year, the gallery has been transformed from its sleek white walls to a riot of colour and movement, celebrated at the launch of ACID by Raymond Salvatore Harmon.

What we saw:
Guests were stunned to see the gallery looking far from it’s usual self, instantly drawn from the blue and white entrance to the enveloping warmth of the pink and orange at the back of the gallery – that and the bar!
Within ACID, Harmon has recreated his large scale vibrant paintings on our very own walls, bringing his outdoor style indoors.

Our collaborators:
Gregorio, our resident DJ, produced a live acid house set in honour of the artist’s Detroit roots and BEAT, our old partners on the bar mixed their acidic pink cocktails before heading off for a night of partying on Margaret Street.

This exhibition is open until 21st February, if you weren’t able to join us for the launch, we hope you can view ACID by RSH over the next few weeks.

If you would like any further information on Raymond Salvatore Harmon, or a catalogue of artworks available in ACID, please email us.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Euclids Poisoned GardenI Know You Lied But So Did I

Quantifying Eloptic EmanationsInsoluble Reaction to Light


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Having transformed the gallery, and transported visitors to the streets of East London, we were excited to see CARTRAIN return to his street canvas after presenting gallery show NOT for SALE at Imitate Modern. 

However, for a more permanent piece of this exhibition, we are offering limited edition prints, featuring some of CARTRAIN’s most popular images, for sale. 

From portraits of Kim Jong-un and Hitchcock’s Psycho to Cartrain’s signature  motif, the Magic Trees, the controversial young street artist has taken inspiration from iconic artists such as Warhol and Hirst, for these eye-catching prints. Well known for his feud with Hirst, CARTRAIN shows no signs of slowing down, this time parodying Damien’s spots design in the Magic Trees print. 

You can read a summary of his career highlights in our blogpost:
5 Facts About Cartrain.

To learn more about this artist, including investment opportunities, please contact the gallery via email at info@imitatemodern.com or telephone +44 (0)20 7486 9927

You can also see exclusive images and updates on our social media, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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