Tyler Shields’ most liked photo EVER!


Little did Tyler Shields know, when posting this photo recently, that it would become his most ‘liked’ photo ever, stirring the index fingers of over 80,000 Instagram and Facebook users, encouraging more than 12,000 to comment and share with their friends.

Featuring Liz C. Walker of the LA Ballet Company, ‘Pointe’ demonstrates that success is not achieved overnight, that real success requires hard work and sacrifice.

“Some people think that success comes overnight. There is no such thing, anyone that you ever see who is successful has worked at it, and if they do it right and calculate it just right, they will make it look easy” – Tyler Shields

Just as Liz C. Walker appears effortless and graceful on stage in pointe shoes, this photograph reveals the commitment and physical endurance required for success in ballet.

“Photography, or anything you do for that matter, is about dedication and I have never lost sight of that. It only gets more and intense for me, I only want to do better and better, and I just want to be better. So if you are reading this and you second guess anything keep pushing keep going and never stop!” Tyler Shields

We hope these words inspire you this week!

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All at Imitate Modern

Tyler Shields - 'Pointe'

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Imitate Modern HQ!


After three days of heavy lifting, transporting artworks and reminiscing about our years in Marylebone we have now settled into our new Little Venice office and showing space. Curated like a gallery with an array of our favourite artworks, we will be running Imitate Modern operations from our new Head Quarters and coordinating a number of exciting summer pop-ups – so look out for those!

If you are interested in viewing new artworks, discussing our summer schedule or would just like to pop in and say hello, please email info@imitatemodern.com to arrange a meeting, we’ll bring the cakes…

The brand new Imitate Modern HQ can be found at:
Imitate Modern,
1 Randolph Mews,
W9 1AW

We also have a new telephone number: 02072865744, so do give us a bell Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement coming up next Thursday, it’s time for our next solo exhibition…!

We look forward to hearing from you, keep up to date on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Have a lovely day,

All at Imitate Modern

A sneak peek at our brand new office space

A sneak peek at our brand new office space

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Our Last Party at Devonshire Street – celebrating The Spring Collection


Last week saw our last party at 27a Devonshire Street, celebrating The Spring Collection and the last three years we have spent in this space. We would like to thank everyone who joined us on Thursday evening, and all those who have regularly attended our events throughout the years, sharing our love of art appreciation over a drink or two…

Though we have enjoyed our time in Marylebone, we have exciting plans for pop-up events and exhibitions throughout the spring/summer – so stay tuned for further updates!

For more information, read our moving day blog post here

What we saw:
A very diverse collection enabling us to reminisce about the past exhibitions, from recent shows, ACID and ‘NOT FOR SALE‘ to our favourites from the past such as Chromatic by Tyler Shields. Kate Moss canvases in combinations of pearl, blue and black were complemented with artworks by Luc Waring and URNY also featuring the model. From monochrome elements to a patriotic red, white and blue theme, the varied selection reflected the contrasting shows held at Imitate Modern throughout the years. Artworks were being snapped up throughout the evening, the Rich Simmons “Oh, Bruce…” print was even taken straight off the wall!

Artists exhibiting in The Spring Collection included:
CartrainThe DotmasterEd BallLouis Nicolas-DarbonLuc WaringLukas AvalonMaisie Garner-CurriePam GlewParlee ERZRaymond Salvatore HarmonRich SimmonsRussell MarshallSee OneTyler ShieldsURNY

Our partners in crime:
We would like to give thanks to the following parties for collaboration on our last party in this space:
Gregorio, our resident DJ, was on the decks with an upbeat mix of tracks echoing the varied colourful collection of artworks on the walls
We welcomed Gareth McAinsh of Fine Dine Events back to run the bar, keeping guests quenched with a mix of red and white wine, vodka cocktails and peach bellinis

For more information about The Spring Collection, please view the exhibition page here

If you would like any further information, please email info@imitatemodern.com

We look forward to seeing you at our first pop-up!

Kind regards from

All at Imitate Modern






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