Roll Up, Roll Up to Imitate Modern’s ‘CARNIVAL OF COLOUR’!

Welcome to Imitate Modern’s ‘Carnival of Colour’!

It may feel like the end of summer is fast approaching, but we are determined to see it off with a bang! This Saturday we were excited to open a bright and eclectic group exhibition, revealing our latest discoveries and talents in the art world, alongside some of our established stars.

‘Carnival of Colour’ showcases each artists’ unique interpretation of the ‘carnival’ theme, demonstrating their versatility and originality. From Paul Oz’s portrait of Bob Marley to See One’s energetic ‘shard’ pieces, URNY’s London scenes to Ben Allen’s rebellious skulls, our Carnival boasts a wide variety of styles, influences and techniques.

To read more about Imitate Modern’s ‘Carnival of Colour’ please visit the exhibition page!

To read more about an individual artist, please click on their name
Paul Oz
Rosie Emerson
Luc Waring
Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Ben Allen
See One

If you would like a catalogue sent to you via post or email, please email

*Save the Date*
On Wednesday 10th September we are hosting a party, and for those of you who have been away for summer, we welcome you back to London and invite you to join us in celebrating this colourful collection!

Have a lovely week,

All at Imitate Modern

Ben Allen skull

Ben Allen ‘Psychedelic Skull no.8′

Paul Oz - Bob Marley - 36 x 48 inches - oil paint on board

Paul Oz ‘Bob Marley’

RSH - The Symbol of Soul Governing Man - 22 x 22 inches - oil aerosol and emulsion on paper

Raymond Salvatore Harmon ‘The Symbol of Soul Governing Man’

URNY - Bangers and Mash - 60 x 20 inches - screen print mixed media on canvas

URNY ‘Bangers and Mash’

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STIK blows Imitate Modern away


We, at Imitate Modern, are big FANS of renewable energy and the infamous Stik has thrown caution to the WIND by heading off to Utsira, Norway, to paint artworks on the twin wind turbines that provide power to the entire population of the island. The instantly recognisable Stik characters have been BLOWN up to gigantic proportions to represent the two-hundred inhabitants of the island who depend entirely on the clean energy provided by these two turbines.

Painting his figures to this scale was no BREEZE but for Stik this message is not full of HOT AIR:

‘I want to highlight the importance of renewable energy, Utsira is effectively living off-grid which is inspiring to the rest of us.’ []

What do you think? Where do you think Stik should paint his next figures? Have you seen his work around the world? Get in touch in the comments box below or via our social media!

We look forward to hearing from you!

All at Imitate Modern

Stik windmill

stik windmill 2

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Last week of EXPOSING ourselves

As ‘EXPOSURE’ draws to a close, we are taking this last opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of styles and techniques brought together for this eclectic show. Showcasing such an array of emerging artists, we have presented to you the next generation of industry stars, some of whom are exhibiting their very first collections.
Perhaps you are thinking about starting your art collection, or maybe you’re looking to add some fresh faces to your existing works, ‘EXPOSURE’ is the ideal place to start. Sizes vary from twenty centimetres to two metres, and prices range between debut artists and more established names. Our artists cite a range of influences with Joanna Ham’s background in advertising to Paul Oz painting portraits at Bristol Zoo. There has been something to capture the imagination of every art lover.
For further information on each artists, please visit their artist page: Buki Koshoni Daniel Sachon Day-z Joanna Ham Louis-Nicolas Darbon Luc Waring Mairi-Luise Tabbakh Maisie Garner-Currie Pam Glew The Dotmasters Victoria Sin
If you are still on vacation, a number of the artworks will remain in the gallery, so do not hesitate to drop in for a coffee and a catch-up! We hope to see you soon.
All at Imitate Modern
Daniel Sachon - Sophie
Daniel Sachon ‘Sophie’
45 x 30 inches, C-type photographic print
For further information on this artwork, please email
Cartrain Prada
Cartrain ‘Prada’
40 x 40 inches, hand-pulled oil screen print on canvas
For further information on this artwork, please email
Maisie Garner-Currie Louis Armstrong JPEG
Maisie Garner-Currie ‘Louis Armstrong’
17 x 12 inches, biro on cartridge paper
For further information on this artwork, please email
Luc Waring - USA low res
Luc Waring ‘USA’
70 x 50 inches, mixed media on canvas
For further information on this artwork, please email
Dotmasters - Crime of Fashion JPEG
The Dotmasters ‘Crime of Fashion’
20 x 16 inches, spray paint on gloss on canvas
For further information on this artwork, please email
Day-z - say hello to my little friend JPEG

Day-z ‘Say Hello to my Little Friend’
30 x 22 inches, pen and pencil on canford card
For further information on this artwork, please email
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