Advent Calendar Day 8: Rich Simmons

Surely most of our gallery followers are familiar with the art of Rich Simmons who has had three solo shows at the gallery: Just Be You Tiful (2012), Inner Outsider (2013) and Kryptonite (2014).

Rich often uses spray paint and stencils on reclaimed billboard to produce his artwork. The Pin-Up Girls, Superheroes and Butterflies have beautifully decorated our walls on numerous occasions and Rich has developed a solid following in the past few years taking him over to New York where he has had his first solo show this summer.

Rich is currently working on new projects abroad and is writing a graphic novel. We miss you Rich and wish you loads of luck in your plans to invade the world!

Find out more about Rich Simmons here.

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Advent Calendar Day 7: Mairi-Luise Tabbakh

Mairi-Luise Tabbakh’s beautiful black and white erotic photography works are both a celebration of the female body and an intensely personal journey and appreciation of human relationships. Her work featured along with photography of Fenton Bailey as part of the Human Relations exhibition at Imitate Modern in 2013.

More recently, Mairi-Luise has created a number of new series including an editorial for ‘Inked Magazine’ featuring Vivi Sterling, a collection with Ha Anh Vu, another editorial for Fault Magazine as well as ‘Foxes’, a sensual and carnal collection of photographs very much in the style of Mairi-Luise Tabbakh.

We are looking forward to what Mairi-Luise will bring us in the New Year. Perhaps we are to see Human Relations II?!

Meanwhile there is plenty to look at on her artist page.


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Advent Calendar Day 6: Lukas Avalon

You might have seen his portraits of Princess Grace or Kate Moss at our gallery before. Behind his highly detailed portraits is an underlying social commentary hidden within the collaged layers. His talent is evident and his bold and bright pieces are incredibly eye-catching.

Although based in Monaco, Lukas regularly visits London and a few of you might have seen his work at the Wellington Club last week. We expect to see much more of this promising artist next year.

You can read more about him on his artist page here.


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