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Raymond Salvatore Harmon ‘Acid’

31st January – 21st February 2015

Well known for his impressive street-paintings, taking fine art to an industrial scale and using buildings as a canvas, Raymond Salvatore Harmon has turned his innovative techniques to transform Imitate Modern. An immersive gallery experience, ACID showcases Raymond Salvatore Harmon‘s unique style, transcending material images with his bold brush strokes and abstract digitally-inspired forms. Far from an ordinary gallery show, sculptural elements and acidic hues pull the senses in every direction, capturing the imagination of every visitor. This energy brings the space to life, while juxtaposing with Raymond Salvatore Harmon’s fascination with computer graphics and technology; by definition, sterile and synthetic.

From architectural-scale painting on the gallery walls to creating exquisite detail in his mixed media canvas pieces, Raymond Salvatore Harmon is characterised by his attention to shapes and layers, influenced by this context of the technological age. Using  a varied colour palette, seamlessly merging acidic colours with pastels and neutral tones, these complex artworks demonstrate the evolution from urban artist to fine artist that Raymond Salvatore Harmon has undergone.

In ACID Raymond Salvatore Harmon presents, through fragmented and many-layered artworks, his interpretation of modern society:

“We stand at the threshold of a new era in art, where production and conceptualization are freed of the realities of the material world. The ‘materia mobilis’ of reality is giving way to a limitless space of creation – that immaterial realm of the digital” Raymond Salvatore Harmon


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