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EXHIBITION RUNS: 14th August – 21st September 2013

This exhibition showcases a collection of work from an exciting line up of emerging artists new to Imitate Modern, together with a selection of admired works by some of our established stars. “Popped” plays tribute to pop culture and some of the world’s most iconic figures, trends and muses. The exploration of popular culture is presented through a  range of mediums, from stunningly intricate pencil work to carefully crafted sculpture. The body of work reflects the worldwide obsession with vanity, glamour and fame. The exhibition is a celebration of everything pop culture, whilst introducing the world to the next generation of industry leaders and inspirers.

Monaco based Lukas Avalon makes his UK debut, whose work focuses on iconic women – past and present – and immortalising their natural beauty onto canvas, experimenting with vivid colours, graphic stencils  and a vast range of textures. Effortless brush strokes come  from Amar Stewart, who portrays two of the most influential recording artists in the last 50 years, capturing each of Jay-Z and David Bowie’s differing but equally notable strengths as music icons through striking imagery, conjuring up thought provoking portraits in his unique and individual style.

Tyler Shields questions the integrity of the Birkin bag – conventionally a symbol of wealth and class – controversially burning the precious leather in dazzling photography, while Romero Britto’s distinguished style glitters in all its royalty through the portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Day-z probes the power of branding and its potential poisoning effects, whilst Mason Storm’s humour is apparent and captivating in his memorable sculptures: incorporating politics with child’s play. The collection is full of personality, with each artist laying bare their own take on modern society, unapologetically exposing their views through their work. So much more than just a vibrant and colourful display, Popped inflicts opinion onto its audience and urges a reaction.

Popped offers an insight into the sprite and aware minds of these refreshing artists, as they collectively pay homage to POP culture in their unique styles. With a perspective for everyone, and artwork that sparks conversation, Popped will be running from August 14th.

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Day-Z Rihanna

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