80s KID

In the first of Imitate Modern’s summer pop-up exhibitions, we are excited to launch ’80s KID’, the first ever London…

The Spring Collection

Spring is a time for looking ahead at the new year, facing new challenges and looking back on past achievements;…

Raymond Salvatore Harmon 'Acid'

Installation exhibition ACID transforms Imitate Modern with bold brush strokes and exquisite collaging by Raymond Salvatore Harmon

Cartrain 'Not for Sale'

This controversial young artist will be unveiling his second solo show at Imitate Modern early next year.

Christmas Wish List Returns

An exiting collection which brings together various works including paintings, photography and prints by a range of our artists.

Stasha 'And The Stars Shine Down'

Exhibiting at Imitate Modern for just four days, we are proud to present “And The Stars Shine Down”, a Christmas pop-up exhibition by Stasha.

The Dotmaster TRASH 'n' CASH

TRASH ‘n’ CASH is an acute social commentary; an exhibition in which currency, big brands, conscience and identity collide.


“SHIELDS’ MOST PROVOCATIVE SHOW YET” – GQ The bad boy of photography is back, bringing an explosive collection that makes…


Imitate Modern are excited to present ‘Carnival of Colour’, a bright and eclectic group show celebrating the ‘Carnival’ theme


We are proud to present Exposure, bringing you a wonderfully diverse collection of artists, many of whom are exhibiting at Imitate Modern for the very first time.

'KRYPTONITE' by Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons is back with ‘KRYPTONITE’ the aptly titled superhero-themed exhibition at Imitate Modern


Welcome to Marylebone’s own Hall of Fame…

George Morton Clark

“I aim for my work to be uncomfortable for you to look at, yet beautiful at the same time”

Russell Marshall Kate Moss

We are hugely excited to present this incredible exhibition celebrating one of the most photographed icons of our times.

Christmas Wish List

This body reflects the wide range of work we’ve had in the gallery throughout the year and celebrates the talent of our emerging artists.

Tyler Shields Submerged

The gallery will exhibit a variety of never before seen images of Young Hollywood’s elite featuring stars like Lydia Hearst and Connor Paolo in a unique series entitled ‘Submerged’.

Artist Unknown Almost There

Artist Unknown is a fluid collective concerned with relational/dialogical aesthetics and mythology, working outside of the traditional art institutions and bringing the joy and wonder of art into everyday life.


This exhibition showcases a collection of work from an exciting line up of emerging artists new to Imitate Modern, together with a selection of admired works by some of our established artists.


‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Shows Luc’s personal journey as an artist, with an exploration of themes such as modern society, identity and celebrity culture resonating through the collection.


Artist Rich Simmons returns to the Imitate Modern Gallery this summer with a brand new collection of work in an exhibition called “The Inner Outsider”. The new body of work challenges the viewer to see the world differently and from a new perspective – to observe beauty in everything not simply the obvious.


A photographic dynasty is set to continue with an inspiring new collection of photographs from a much lauded new talent on the photographic scene – Fenton Bailey. The exhibition, curated by brother Sascha Bailey, will showcase a collection of work entitled “Human Relations” and is co-staged with talented photographer Mairi-Luise Tabbakh.

Proudlock's Carnival '78

Carnival time has come to Imitate Modern. We are proudly hosting Serge DeNimes, a fashion counterpart to our brand values. Similarly to Imitate Modern, Serge DeNimes is a contemporary brand that promises original urban t-shirts of the highest quality.

Tyler Shields CHROMATIC

“Hollywood’s Favourite Photographer”(Daily Mail) and considered by GQ as one of the “100 Best Things In The World”, Tyler Shields, returns to Imitate Modern on February 7th with ‘Chromatic’.


Imitate Modern brings the Who’s Who of street art to Marylebone. This is the one off opportunity to see a unique collection of nine of the most highly acclaimed graffiti artists in one space.


Renowned for his imaginative style and captivating originality, photographer Philippe Shangti aims to break down taboos with his latest show and give us an insight as to what he would call his ‘crazy and sometimes disturbing world’.


Graffiti artist Rich Simmons show titled ‘Just Be You Tiful’ is an exploration of beauty through being yourself. Beauty through glamour, beauty through fetish, beauty in tattoos and above all, honesty.

Proud to be British

An exhibition dedicated to everything quintessentially British, from icons to iconic landmarks, with works from artists Tyler Shields, Goldie, Banksy, Fin DAC, Romero Britto, Rich Simmons, Maximilian Wiedemann and new comers Natalie Goldstein and Thibault Sandret showcasing what Britain is to them.


From serene seascapes to ‘Electric’ canvas’s, Stasha takes the London art scene by storm with her new vibrant collection of ‘free style paintings’ simply called COLOUR.

Maximilian Wiedemann GREEDY AS A PIG

Maximilian Wiedemann’s new exhibition showcases the satirical juxtaposition of modern day obsession with status obsessed wealth, deception and abuse of power.


Celebrated, gritty and cutting edge street artist Stik branches out into iron and oak pieces alongside large-scale canvases and new prints in his solo show entitled ‘Walk’.


Tyler Shields, ‘Hollywood’s favourite photographer’, shows his controversial and exciting photos with a touch of romance as his work takes a new direction.

Modern Toss

International cult cartoonists and animators Modern Toss bring their unique brand of precision swearing and stylishly cak-handed drawing for an exhibition looking back at their 2011 output.

Romero Britto MODERN ICONS

Pop artist Romero Britto exhibits ‘Modern Icons’ celebrating modern day pop culture icons, including The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Shields and Wiedemann WELL HUNG

Controversial, previously unseen shots of Lindsay Lohan are shown for the first time in a collaborative exhibition with artist Maximilian Wiedemann.

Xavier González d’Ègara THE THREE SEASONS

Xavier González d’Ègara combines the ideal and real, turning his painting into architecture for historical narratives.

Tamara Ecclestone GOSH ART AUCTION

Tamara Ecclestone and Imitate Modern display a collection of works by the most eagerly anticipated emerging stars in order that they may be auctioned to raise much needed funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital.