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Stuart Semple

British artist Stuart Semple has become one of the leading exponents of a new generation of artists tackling concepts of mass and popular culture through showing works in a string of international exhibitions and Biennales. In Stuart Semple’s works, the emotional and spiritual impact of mass culture on the individual are re-imagined with a playful, exuberant and sociological language. 

Semple’s hybrid compositions often comprise of disparate appropriated and found elements which he weaves into alluring surfaces that encapsulate a deep critical analysis of contemporary culture. His world is one of low-culture internet trash, 90s nickelodeon colour palettes, indie music, obscure music videos and cultural theory insight out of the 60s Frankfurt school. 

Semple’s work has been the subject of a number of major international solo exhibitions which include, ‘Fake Plastic Love’, Truman Brewery, London (2007), ‘Pop Disciple’, Aus18 Milan (2008), ‘Everlasting Nothing Less’, Anna Kustera, New York (2009), ‘The Happy House’, Morton Metropolis, London (2010), ‘It’s Hard To Be A Saint in This City’ Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong (2012) ‘Suspend Disbelief’, The Heritage Rooms, London (2013), ‘Anxiety Generation’, Delahunty, London (2014) and ‘My Sonic Youth’ Fabien Castanier, Los Angeles (2015). 

Celebrity endorsement of Semple’s work is testament to its popular and vital appeal, with work in the in the collections of Dhani Harrison, Debbie Harry, Sienna Miller, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and others.

In December 2016, Stuart Semple created the fluorescent pink paint pigment, in relation to “rotter” Anish Kapoor buying the exclusive rights to the Vantablack pigment, said to be the blackest shade of black ever created. The cerise pink shade is available to all artists except Kapoor, who is legally banned from purchasing it. 

Semple has since been recognised by magazines including, The Financial Times, i-D, The Telegraph, Aesthetica, Elle Italia, ArtNews and others, praised for his perspectives on mass and popular culture. He writes for Art of England magazine and the Guardian online.  Stuart also sits on the Creators council for the Design And Artists Copyright society and regularly speaks on subjects relating to art & popular culture.   


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