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Raymond Salvatore Harmon

Although Raymond Salvatore Harmon’s artwork originated on the streets, he has spent over a decade developing and evolving his style, using innovative and entirely unique techniques. Visually, his work transcends the material focus, drawing on abstract and atmospheric aesthetics. Painting predominantly on an industrial scale, RSH merges the street canvas with his fine-art style and his work on multi-history buildings can be seen worldwide, challenging the concept of ‘street art’ and carving a path of his own.

Seamlessly merging acidic colour palettes with pastel and neutral tones, RSH’s work demonstrates a maturity and informed approach, while retaining an imaginative and unique vitality. This energy interlaces with his fascination with digital technology and the modern age, informing his fragmented, complex and many-layered artworks. Not a direct criticism of modern technology, RSH is acutely aware of the threshold that we find ourselves on, and seeks to portray this in his artwork, challenging sharp angles with bold brush strokes and lively shapes.

Following many years of working independently in the film, music and art industries, this is his first collaboration with an art gallery, which we are extremely proud to announce.

Raymond Salvatore Harmon’s ‘ACID‘ was exhibited at Imitate Modern, 31st January – 21st February 2015

Previous exhibition at Imitate Modern ‘Carnival of Colour’, 23rd August – 20th September 2014

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