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Oliver Dunsch

German born Oliver Dunsch became captivated with photography at an early age. His first recollection of it becoming a serious passion happened when his grandad gave his Leicaflex over to him in his teenage years. He then started spending all his mornings, afternoons and evenings in his friend’s darkroom producing and practicing the art of black and white photography.

In 1989 Oliver’s perspective and attitude changed completely when he visited New York City for the first time. Street photography started playing a pivotal role and became a reoccurring theme in Oliver’s work; capturing everyday people and places became an obsession. NYC also managed to influence the use of colour and Oliver saw himself adjust to the big city, the crowds and the excitement, portraying all of this in colour and shying away from his beloved black and white photographs.  NYC also became responsible for his move into a digital era, replacing film camera with a more contemporary instrument.

After exhibiting in New York, Oliver now lives and practices in London, United Kingdom. One of his most important and ongoing themes The Art of Commute has seen a significant evolution in the past couple of years. This reoccurring theme, as Oliver puts it, “stands for my admiration for what people are able to do while they’re on the train, tube, bike or even walking to or from work.” One of his works was featured in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, 2016.

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