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Natalie Goldstein

For Natalie Goldstein, the journey from being in front of the camera to behind the camera, has been all about finding a deep relationship with her own sense of artistic perspectives.

Natalie has made a graceful transition from model to photographer, especially with the help of knowledge gained from previous experience: “I had worked with Tony McGee, Barry Lategan and Willy Camden so I knew how I wanted someone to move in front of a camera since that came naturally to me as a model”. It all began when she was asked to photograph a children’s birthday party and quickly evolved into the desire to capture life on camera.

Her inspiration comes from the everyday – the people and the life around us; whether it is the human form or the suppression we endure, Natalie draws from these influences and interprets their effect in her unique and powerful way.

In her Duality series, exhibited as part of Proud to be British, Natalie photographed her yoga instructors, capturing the heightened strength and beauty of their bodies against the rich texture of decaying wallpaper, in the very same room where ‘The King’s Speech’ was filmed. As her technique evolves, she continues to create striking photographs subtly addressing the issues foremost in her mind. In the latest series titled Purity, Seduction and Misconception she focuses on the closet sexuality that she believes is hidden in all of us, taking inspiration from women who suppress their true selves for the sake of society’s expectations. Again, Natalie looks to the arts for her models, this time choosing ballerinas who exhibit grace and poise within a calm scene juxtaposed with underlying tension and sexual desire.

The combination of both gentle and bold lighting is a significant aspect of her work. In the ‘Duality’ series, light emphasises the contours of the human body and illuminates the perfectly defined muscles.

“Even when I was working as a model I was always fascinated with the way things worked on the other side with the light hitting my face and the slightest movement changing things in a beautiful way”.

Natalie’s real passion is to keep creating beautiful photography art that inspires and calms the soul when you look at it.

Natalie is available also for photographic commissions for both children and adults. Please contact for any enquiries.

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Lenticular in custom back-lit frame

Purity, Seduction and Misconception

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