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Kristian von Hornsleth

One of the most thought-provoking and entertaining artists of his generation, Kristian von Hornsleth is arguably the most exciting new artist in London at the moment.

Born in Scotland and brought up in Denmark, Hornsleth confronts our obsession with branding and celebrity – and hot political issues – head on with a ruthless wit.

His ability to shock and inspire at the same time has won him a large following among a new generation of opinion formers and art lovers in Denmark. So much so, award winning playwright Jakob Weis wrote a stageplay called ‘Kill Hornsleth’, which won Denmark’s two top national drama awards.

His ground-breaking conceptual project: the Uganda Village Project, in which he persuaded villagers in a poor African town to change their surnames to Hornsleth, legally, in return for goat or a pig, caused an international media storm. And it made him a popular public speaker.

Hornsleth works in sculpture, objects, performance projects and mixed media paintings, which feature his witty one-liners or his trademark slogan F.Y.A.L. – meaning Fuck You Art Lovers, or For Young Art Lovers, “depending on who’s asking”. Among his star projects are his hand painted supercars such as the Morgan 4×4 sports car, a Lamborghini and Ducati motorbikes. Hornsleth’s bold imagery and provocative statements have won him both a growing fanbase as well as fierce criticism, but as one Danish national art critic said: “He’s one of today’s most well-informed and intelligent artists.

His work has been shown in galleries and museums all over the world, particularly in Germany, New York, Shanghai, Denmark, France and Italy.

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