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Amar Stewart

Amar is a self-taught multi-media artist based in London. Having been a working artist for just over eight years, his work has proved to be incredibly successful already garnering international success, with exhibitions worldwide ranging from London to Australia, and recently New York. Amar has global leading brands such as Nike, Samsung, Puma, Adidas and Red Bull as clients.

Amar has proven himself to have a ‘strong artistic voice’ (Puma), who has exhibited works alongside Banksy, Adam Neate, Mode2 and Mr Brainwash. Despite being most comfortable with an aerosol in hand, Amar has also created stunning oil paintings, demonstrating his versatility, switching between a refined painting aesthetic for a rough and languid line. These two styles combine to create a striking juxtaposition, one he successfully balances and cultivates to create a powerful and varied portfolio. In addition to his original, hand-made pieces, Amar has gained recognition for his digital art works. Amar started digitally as a way of working out designs, though soon realising that he could expand his mastery of the craft and further diversify his portfolio.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 Amar has been highly in demand, creating collections including ‘The Never Ending Story’ inspired by the works of Peter Howell. For Amar, Howell’s paintings created a dream world inspiring this fresh and different body of work. Typical of his style, Amar uses wonderfully deep, bright colours to capture the passion and serenity in his paintings, while softer colours create a serenity, emulating that dream world that he was captured by.

Keeping us on the edge of our seats, Amar unveiled ‘Hip Hop Royalty’ his debut solo show at Tara McPherson’s boutique The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NYC. This collection features well-known figures from the music industry, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige, adorned with classic symbols of royalty, that befit their standing as Hip Hop icons.

Previously exhibited in Popped!

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