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Stik Sculpture Available at Imitate Modern

We are thrilled to announce that we have a special piece by Stik entitled Heavy (2012). The piece was first exhibited at the Imitate Modern Show ‘Walk’ by Stik and we are very excited to have it back. The sculpture is made from iron and oak and measures 165 x 45 x 45 cm. It’s made in Stik’s signature style with its deceptively simple iconic figure, consisting of just six lines and dots for the eyes. Unlike his usual murals, the stik figure is raised on a tall wooden plinth, making it a unique and unusual work of art by the artist. 

Stik has achieved incredible results in various auctions last year, with his ‘Magpie’ going for £35,000 at Phillips in December 2016. Now is a great time to invest in Stik, with his various pieces going for double the estimate in auctions, the limited availability of the pieces, and the market demand remaining very high. 

About Stik

Stik’s huge mysterious figures lurking on the side of buildings and billboards have gained recognition and admiration of the public and the council alike. Packed with subtle form and emotions, they show an extraordinary ability to reflect human psychology and diversity. 

Despite unorthodox approach to public art, lack of formal training, and flagrant disregard of planning permission, Stik has been quickly recognised as a valuable asset by the N.H.S, British Waterways, The Barbican and The British Council, who have commissioned permanent murals by him, both in London and abroad.

Find out more on Stik’s artist page

Please contact us at for enquiries. 

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