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Artist in Focus: The Dotmaster


Black Draped Trash


The Dotmaster is a London based artist who exploded on the international art scene in the 1990s with his world-renowned ‘Man in a Box’ work where he confined and starved one of his original group members in a gallery cube. His artwork is borderline eccentric with a contemporary twist of media and performance all merged with graffiti and street art.

His work is impeccably crafted with meticulous details and an ever changing and evolving style. His current fixation with rubbish has led to the production of some of his most outspoken and exciting artworks. His solo exhibition “Trash n Cash” was a major success that concentrated on themes such as identity, currency and materialism.


Chanel Porn
Chanel Porn


The Dotmaster is no stranger to causing sensation in the media and as recently as May has been asked by the 5 star, The Exhibitionist Hotel, to ‘trash’ their £20,000 suite…all in the name of art of course.  The artist invites us to challenge our perception of luxury whilst ironically paying £750 a night to stay in the suite.

Dotmaster has also recently caught the attention of the legendary film director, Martin Scorsese, which led him to collaborating on the film set of Scorsese’s new movie, Tomorrow, which was shot in London in 2014.

The Dotmaster exhibits internationally taking part in Banksy’s Waterloo ‘Cans Festival’ and his artwork has been featured in the Oscar-nominated ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’. He is also an integral part of Norway’s independent contemporary street and urban Nuart festival.


Joy Dollar
Joy Dollar
Concrete Proof

















This summer we presented the Dotmaster’s latest project,  Indigo Gets Up…Before and Aftera limited edition of prints, part of the Rude Kids series. 

The characters in the Rude Kids series are friends and family, all under 12 and simply too nice to ‘flip the bird’ or vandalise your walls. With teenage years looming, those days are just round the corner; for now, these kids are still too sweet and without the angst to convincingly pull it off. The series captures thesekids while they’re still just ‘rude kids’. 
A limited edition of prints with two versions: a ‘Before’ she tags the Mona Lisa and ‘After’, are available in three colours.


Indigo Gets Up Before
Indigo Gets Up After

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