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Tyler Shields’ most liked photo EVER!


Little did Tyler Shields know, when posting this photo recently, that it would become his most ‘liked’ photo ever, stirring the index fingers of over 80,000 Instagram and Facebook users, encouraging more than 12,000 to comment and share with their friends.

Featuring Liz C. Walker of the LA Ballet Company, ‘Pointe’ demonstrates that success is not achieved overnight, that real success requires hard work and sacrifice.

“Some people think that success comes overnight. There is no such thing, anyone that you ever see who is successful has worked at it, and if they do it right and calculate it just right, they will make it look easy” – Tyler Shields

Just as Liz C. Walker appears effortless and graceful on stage in pointe shoes, this photograph reveals the commitment and physical endurance required for success in ballet.

“Photography, or anything you do for that matter, is about dedication and I have never lost sight of that. It only gets more and intense for me, I only want to do better and better, and I just want to be better. So if you are reading this and you second guess anything keep pushing keep going and never stop!” Tyler Shields

We hope these words inspire you this week!

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Tyler Shields - 'Pointe'

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